How to overcome the fear of being forever unemployed?



Are you scared about not being employed? Most workers fear is when they lose their job.  Job security is the biggest source of insecurity among people.  This is why people will do anything just to keep their jobs.  How can we succeed our fear to lose our job and be unemployed?

First off, we need to understand that it’s not job or career is the key to secure life.  Where?  For now, it is important to understand that being paranoid about losing a job or not being employed is very counterproductive.

It is equally important to be proactive that if we lose a job, we know that we will have a fallback or an alternative business as soon as possible.

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Here are a few practical tips on how to overcome the fear of being forever unemployed:

Be a go-getter

If at present you’re looking for a job, remember that your role today is like a marketing executive.  Your product is yourself.  How will you present yourself and convince others that you will be a valuable addition to their company?

Know your strengths

Know and discover your unique strength.  Take an inventory of your strengths and list them on paper.  Showcase your strengths whenever possible.  For example, you are a graphic designer, do not use your talent on office only.  Create a website or Facebook page where your talent will be seen and appreciated by others.  Join a professional group where you will be recognized by other people and company in your industry.  And when you update your resume and cover letter, be sure to mention your capabilities in here.

Update and inform your connections

Widen your network of your connections industry.  Make sure that you attract the right kind of people in your circle of influence.  If you wish to have a fallback or alternative in your present work, compile a list of 10 or more contracts.  Compose and send them an e-mail, attaching our resume.  Ask them to keep you in mind for any job they might know of and also for them to pass your information on to their contacts.

If at present you’re unemployed and looking for a job, follow the above tips combined with the additional tips below:

Maintain your working habit cycle

Like, if you’re used to wake up early for work, continue to set your alarm to that early working hour and still be ready to start your day.  This allows you to mirror that of the mainstream business world and stay connected.  This will help you to continuously be productive and ready to take on any new work.

Schedule your day

Still continue to move as if you still have a job.  For example, from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., answer your e-mails.  From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., look for work on job sites.  From 11 a. m. to noon, send your resumes.  From noon to 1 p.m. eat your lunch.  You get the idea?

Consider volunteering

Another way to be proactive and productive continuously is to volunteer.  It’s better if you can volunteer in an organization coinciding your specialization or where you can make use of your talent and skill.

And lastly, Relax

God is in control.  Isn’t it that one’s security in life does not depend on the job or career.  It’s in God and so you need to learn to trust Him.  If God created you with those talents and skills, He will look a perfect match for you to use them.  He created us to work, and to work in ways that serve His purposes.  So, relax and be fearless.

Vance Madrid

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