How Insecure are You in Your Relationship?


When you think of someone being insecure, we bet that you probably think of someone feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. Or maybe, you think about a person having to give a speech or someone being shy about the changes of puberty. What you might not think about is relationships. But, being insecure in relationships can be a problem.

Maybe you’ve had a partner who was insecure with your relationship. Perhaps you’re actually the one who is insecure in your relationship. It’s okay. It can happen. The first step is recognizing that you’re feeling insecure. Once you do that, you can ask yourself why and figure out if it’s negatively affecting your relationship. If you’re not sure whether you’re insecure, here are a few signs that you’re likely insecure with your relationship.

You Are Constantly Checking In On Bae

It’s one thing to be constantly messaging bae because you’re deep in conversation, but there’s a big difference between that and constantly messaging your SO just to see what he/she is doing. If you find yourself frequently wondering what bae is doing and feeling the need to check, it’s a sign that you might not be 100 percent comfortable in your relationship.

You’re Constantly Seek Bae’s Reassurance

Do you know that bae has feelings for you and you’re comfortable with the connection that you have? Or, are you unsure about how bae feels and you are always trying to press him/her to share his/her feelings? It’s one thing if you’re trying to encourage bae because he/she is shy, but something else could be going on if you are encouraging/forcing bae to open up so can get reassurance that bae does have feelings for you and isn’t going to leave.

In addition to talking to bae about your feelings for each other, do you also talk to your friends and family? Do you want their approval and do you hope that they will tell you that you have a strong, loving relationship? If you need validation from anyone besides you and bae in your relationship, you should honestly ask yourself why you need it. It might show that you’re insecure. Another possibility is that you know you’re in the wrong relationship and want someone else to admit it for you.


You Think That You’re Not Good Enough For Bae

Be honest with me and yourself: Do you actually think that you’re good enough for bae? Or, do you think that it’s by sheer luck that you ended up with bae and you’re concerned every single day that bae will one day wake up and realize he has made a mistake? In strong relationships, you’re supposed to feel like you’re equal to bae. It’s fine if you have some gratitude for being in your relationship, but you shouldn’t think that it’s a miracle you’re in your relationship. That shows insecurity.

You Are Nervous When Your Partner Hangs Around With Anyone Else

Do you find yourself panicking when bae hangs around with anyone else? Does it make you panic whether bae is hanging around guys or girls? Are you even more worried when you don’t know who the person is? You should have enough trust in bae and your relationship that you’re chill when bae hangs out with other people. If you don’t, you could either be insecure or your gut could be telling you that there’s a reason to be concerned about your SO being alone with others.

You Never Do Anything Confrontational

Does just the word ‘confrontational’ make you cringe? If you disagree with bae, do you prefer to keep quiet so you don’t rock the boat? Does just the thought of arguing with your significant other make you panic because you’re worried that any tiff could lead to you breaking up? That isn’t any way to live. You and bae are both individuals so it’s normal to have the occasional disagreement, big or small. If you find yourself bottling up your feelings to keep the peace, it might be because you’re insecure.

You Bring Up Your SO’s Ex A Lot

Do you find yourself asking about your significant other’s ex a lot? Even if he/she isn’t in the picture, do you still find yourself wanting to know more and to find out exactly what went wrong? It’s normal to be a bit curious about your partner’s previous relationships, but there’s a fine line between finding out some key details and becoming obsessed about it. If you want to know everything about bae’s ex because you believe your SO might get back together with him/her, you might be insecure in your relationship.

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