The Hottest Styles of Dreadlocks for Black Women

Dreads are considered one of the natural black hairstyles that can be styled in virtually any way and look gorgeous. African American ladies love dreadlock hairstyles because of their uniqueness and practicality. That may surprise you, but dreadlocks appeared in Greece in ancient times, although when it comes to dreads, you understand at once that they are meant especially for the black women and their dry and frizzy hair type. Of course, creating dreadlocks is not a simple thing and it takes some effort and time, but the result is definitely worth it. The black girls with dreads can easily convert them into a stunning twisted or plaited hairstyle. Besides, they can use different techniques to make the dreadlocks original and eye-catching. Well, if you`re also looking for the fabulous dreadlock hairstyle ideas, here are 5 hottest styles of locks that will give your natural hair a new and gorgeous look.

Elegant Dreadlock Bun Updo with Bangs

This style is rather simple – high bun updo and bangs, but it looks really pretty and awesome. Wrapping your dreads in a super high bun on the top of the head is exactly what you need to do to create this chic hairstyle. So easy and so stylish!

Short Ombre Locks

There are so many cute short dread styles for females and one of the most popular is the ombre locks. You could choose the caramel shade at the bottom half of your dreadlocks to create a wonderfully contrasting style and spice up your look.

Side Swept Blonde Twisted Dreadlocks

Twisted dreads are great for any hair length. But if you have a long hair, that’s amazing – you can experiment. You can mix your dreads with side swept hairstyle as well as crown one and get a lovely fresh look. But when it comes to the blonde dreads African American girls often start having doubts because for most of them it’s a pretty bold solution. However, the blonde hair color shades can add a little glitz and glamour to your new look. Think about this!

Fantastic Dreadlocks in a Bow

This is a cool hairstyle for the women with very long hair, especially during the summer season. You just need to gather your locks in one huge bow and decorate it with tiny accessories to create this super chic dreadlock hairstyle.

Unique Dreadlock Ponytail

You know that one of the best ways to keep your locks off your face is to tie them up in a ponytail. But if you get creative, you can create a real masterpiece by wrapping your ponytail from the top to the bottom with your locks. Just try!


Dreads allow you to experiment with your hairstyle as well as your look. Moreover, dreads allow you to express yourself in a unique and rather original way. Wear dreads to be different and bold, wear dreads to be cute and elegant… wear dreads just to be yourself!


Kathy Kenny


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