The Hotel VIP Guest Experience

Have you ever wondered how executives, diplomats, prime ministers, or presidents are being treated in a high-end hotel? You might probably think a VIP guest causes too much pressure to the hotel personnel and management. Well, that’s part of the story.

VIP guests also experience the same kind of comfort, relaxation, and luxury service like what others receive in high-caliber hotels. But what could be the difference? Here’s how VIP guests are being treated in luxury hotels.

The Arrival


Upon arrival of a VIP guest, a couple of security accompany the guest right straight to the front desk for check-in. After checking-in, a butler service with a bell man takes over. The butler is one of the most efficient and intellectual personalities in a hotel. They have an ample amount of knowledge about the guests and they hold the schedule of the guests. Not only that, they have a wide range of knowledge about every aspect of the hotel — from the front desk, lobby, guest rooms, hotel amenities, hotel services, foods and beverages, housekeeping, hotel safety and security, and even at the laundry.

The VIP guest is being shown the basic features of the hotel while being escorted on his way to the VIP room. As part of the safety measures, he is also being oriented on the safety procedures and emergency exits.

The butler also mentions amenities and services in the hotel like specialty restaurants, fitness gym, spas, casinos, swimming pools, and boutiques available for the guest to experience while in the hotel. The guest should be provided with information that suit his nature of work and personal interests regarding these spots in a hotel.

The Showroom

The biggest part on a VIP guest treatment takes place inside the guest room. Upon entering the room, the VIP is being shown the details he needs to know about his room. The first thing that delights every hotel guest is the view from the inside.

Hotel VIP Experience

A VIP guest room is always situated on the best spot for the best view in a hotel. This is why the view and location of rooms in hotels determine their price. A VIP does not only get to see the view from his room. He is also being informed about the best time of the day to enjoy the view (like sunset for a good cup of tea or high noon to watch the clear blue water of the ocean).

Again, as part of the safety measures, he is shown the floor plan and exit points from his room. (Floor plans in every hotel room is placed at the back of the guest room door.) The VIP guest is also being shown the room’s safe, the telephone and the necessary numbers to call, the television and his channels of interest, room amenities, and even his bathroom and how to operate the shower knobs. He is assured of the safety and security of his room by being reminded of bathroom hazards like placing the curtain properly inside the bath tub while taking a shower or avoiding smoking as the room is highly equipped with smoke and fire detectors.


As a personal assistant, the butler offers to unpack his suitcase and arrange them in his locker or wardrobe. He also has to double check damaged garments and may offer to mend them for the guest’s convenience. He does finishing touches on the guest’s stuff and offers additional services that the VIP guest wishes to have like a room service massage or spa to relax him after a long tiring travel.

VIP guests are provided with a butler to provide them the best possible service and assistance during their stay in the hotel. They are available 24 hours as they also have their own room connected to the VIP guest room for easy accessibility. VIPs can ask for their assistance at any time of the day.

VIP Guest Room Amenities

Only the best quality products and services should be provided to the VIPs. Before the VIP guest’s arrival, the hotel does an extensive data gathering to help them provide the best quality service for their guest. The food preferences, health status, personal preferences on room style, number of visitors allowed,  favorite color, and even allergies on food, fabric, and cleaning chemicals are considered in preparing for a VIP guest.

The 5-Star Hotel VIP Experience

Bathroom amenities should complement the luxury service with high-end branding products. Bed fabrics are treated with right amount of chemicals to attain a pH level that gives comfort to the guest’s skin. The amount of furniture and color schemes in a VIP room may also being based on the guest’s personal preferences. VIP guests are also given an option for meal times as they are highly busy people. Some VIPs are provided with food tasters for safety reasons.

A VIP guest is provided with daily housekeeping service to ensure cleanliness of his room. At night, he is offered with a turn- down service where he is prepared for rest. He is given a drink or tea to relax him, his window curtains closed, toiletries and towels changed, and his bed being prepared for rest.

Safety and Security

A VIP guest’s safety and security depends on the hotel’s protocol on security, the organization he works for, or the country he serves. Once a VIP guest is checked-in in a hotel, the hotel’s security is more tightened. No one is allowed to enter the guest’s room except his personal assistant, the room attendants and room service personnel, and specific people logged in for a special appointment with the guest.

Every detail of each visit is being recorded such as the purpose, time of entrance to and exit from the guest’s room, and all things that visitors bring inside and outside are noted. To provide privacy to the guest, personal security guards stand by outside the guest’s room.


When being around the hotel like in a restaurant or by the pool, security is also tight. He is given the best spot to dine in, the most relaxing place to enjoy the scenery of the beach or grandeur of the place, or the most luxurious room to experience a soothing massage.

There’s more to experiencing the VIP treatment in a hotel. Being a VIP guest is truly a luxurious experience. These are some special details of how it looks like being treated as a special guest in a hotel.

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