Hoppler celebrates Growth of Partner Brokers

When it rains, it pours.

This is the case with Hoppler, an online real estate startup who is expanding to new cities this year. Hoppler had a really awesome 2018 and they celebrated their wins by celebrating the growth of their partner brokers network.

The growth has translated into new milestones for the company, and the driving force behind its year of milestones is its network of Partner Brokers of more than 600 active members. In 2018, more than 900 real estate brokers and more than 1,500 property owners had listed their properties online.

Hoppler also closed at least 1 deal with more than 150 individual brokers/agencies, totaling more than 200 high-end property sales and leases from the secondary market.

Bringing together this network to celebrate its biggest year yet, Hoppler hosted the Partner Brokers’ Kick-Off Party held last January 31 in Manila House Private Club in BGC. During the event, outstanding Partner Brokers were feted with awards. Among them were Partner Broker of the Year Harold Vargas of HV Realty, Listing Partner of the Year John Rey Zulueta from Jones Lang LaSalle, and Real Estate Agency of the Year Re/Max Capital. The most prestigious distinction of the afternoon,  the Industry Leader Award, was awarded to Mr. Robert Sarmiento, owner of Robert G. Sarmiento Realty.

Ballesca also unveiled what to expect in 2019, which includes bank financing recommendations from local banks. As buyers view properties on Hoppler’s website, they will see the loan amount they qualify for based on the rent or selling price of the listing. There will also be an inclusion of CPD credits in the company’s events for brokers and an expansion initiative to new cities, particularly in the north and south of Metro Manila.

For Ramon and the team at Hoppler, the milestones from 2018 are simply a starting point. There are more cities to expand to, more brokers to connect with, and more clients to lead home. With the same determination, they expect to achieve even more milestones in 2019.

Kathy Kenny


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