Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?

The mere warm glow of a campfire or a table lamp brings a certain calmness to us.  It makes the home ambiance look and feel cozy and relaxing.   This is the same promise a Himalayan Salt lamp brings.

What is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?
Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?

A Himalayan Salt Lamp is a huge solid piece of Himalayan salt crystal with a small light bulb inside.  Some lamps have a glass container and inside are pieces of pure Himalayan salt crystals that lit the room when plugged in.   It gives a nice warm glow when lit.  Many attest that this lamp is beneficial, too, in improving the quality of indoor air.

What is the connection of Himalayan Salt Lamp to indoor air?

Let us first refresh our freshman science class about ions.


Ions are all around us.  They affect the way we feel and quite possibly, our health, too.

Ions are invisible charged particles in the air that have lost or gained an electron through environmental forces.   Some particles are positively charged and the others,  negatively charged.

Positive ions

Positive ions are molecules that have lost one or more electrons thus aren’t beneficial for the human body. These positive ions are usually found in confined spaces like offices, cars and schools, crowded places, and polluted cities.

Negative ions

Negative ions, on the other hand,  contribute to the well-being and health of living things.  The highest concentration of negative ions is found in nature, especially around waterfalls, mountains, and on the ocean.

Negative ions are important as they clear the air of airborne bacteria, virus, and even dust. They do this by attaching themselves to positively charged particles.  In the process, they negatively charge those particles, making the bacteria and pollen spores too heavy to remain airborne.  This then prevents them from entering one’s breathing passage.  If unprotected, those germs are what cause us to cough, sneeze, and have a throat irritation.

Simply, negative ions purify the air and protect us from exposure to viruses and allergens. Imagine then if there’s a constant flow of negative ions around us?

Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?
Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?

How does a Himalayan Salt lamp become beneficial?

Many sources claim that the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a natural negative ion generator.  Keeping it well lit neutralizes the positive ions and in the process cleans the air.

Other benefits it allegedly creates are:

Reduce allergy & asthma attack

Because negative ions neutralize the positive ions, particles of dust, mold, and mildew are cut back.  This then reduces if not totally eliminates asthma and allergy attacks.

Increase energy level

Positive ions drain our energy.  Also, the exposure we get from the electronic radiation from appliances increases our stress level and even affects the body’s immune system.

As the Himalayan salt lamp emits negative ions into the air, it neutralizes electromagnetic radiation. This then results in reducing the potential danger that radiation may give to humans.

Better Sleep
Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?
Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?

The negative ions released by heating the lamp boost blood flow which results to improved sleep.

Improve concentration

As the negative ions improve blood and oxygen supply to the brain, they then naturally enhance the mood and encourage concentration.

Great night lamp

Research says that blue light should be avoided during night time.  The blue light emitted from electronic devices like television, mobile phones, and laptop disrupt sleep hormones.  The salt lamp offers a warm orange glow that calms mood and encourages sleep.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?

Many have tried Himalayan Salt Lamp in their homes.  As many claim its advantages, others, too, aren’t too convinced of its benefits.  Perhaps because there are still things to be considered.


The benefits of the Himalayan salt lamp is achieved due to the salt and the heat-producing bulb.  A 15-watt candelabra based bulb is recommended as against LED bulbs.


The color, too, is important.  The darker the color of the light, the more that it is effective.


For one, the crystal should be 100% Himalayan salt.  Cheap imitations may use lower quality salt thus gives lesser effect.


The size, too, is crucial as the bigger the salt lamp, the bigger the effect.

Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?
Himalayan Salt Lamp: is it effective?

Rougher surface tends to improve the quality of the indoor air compared to the more polished salt.


Consistent use of the Himalayan salt lamp brings positive effect as against using it only for a few minutes.

Final take

Many attest that a week or two of constant use of a Himalayan salt lamp brings positive change already.  The claim that it offers health benefits is only up to you to find out.  But if you are to get your own Himalayan salt lamp, it is prudent to get yours from legitimate sources to ensure its authenticity.

A Himalayan salt lamp is one beautiful light source.  With or without its health benefits, one thing is certain, the Himalayan salt lamp has a soothing color that definitely calms the mind and body.

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