Why Hiking is Good for Your Health


Hiking has been a popular outdoor activity these days. Some do it for the thrill, while some try it to test and ride the hype. Whatever the reason is, it definitely would be a good experience to try at least once in your life. If this adventure-filled activity has impressed you with the marvelous views and awesome adventures it lets you witness, wait until you find out what more it has to offer:

1. It keeps you fit

Hiking gets us on our feet, keeping us physically active. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and explore with our actual senses. As this activity promotes a great amount of exercise, it helps in keeping us fit and have a healthy life.

2. It is good for the heart

This outdoor activity is good for the heart, making for a great cardiovascular exercise. It decreases the risk of stroke, heart disease, and high blood pressure by increasing our body’s high-density lipoprotein levels and by lowering our triglyceride levels.

3. It clears your mind and lifts your mood

One thing that makes hiking great is that it is therapeutic in a way. It elevates our mood through a calming surrounding and breathtaking sights. Not only does it keep us amused, but it also helps us forget our worries for a while and unplug from the world – away from the material things that consume us in the busy streets of urban cities. This activity allows us to connect with and appreciate nature, and to know ourselves even more.

4. It helps reduce your weight

This activity entails intensive leg and body exercises which helps us burn as much as 500 calories in an hour. This clearly explains why it is good for weight loss/reduction.

5. It gives you a good amount of Vitamin D

Among the many things it can offer, going on hikes also help us get our dose of Vitamin D. A simple 10-minute of direct exposure to sunshine while hiking is already enough to maintain your Vitamin D levels. Be careful, though, as too much exposure to sunlight can cause skin damage and other complications.

Now that we have unraveled the benefits of hiking, there’s more reason to pack your bags and set on another adventure in the great outdoors! Oh, and invite your friends and family, too!

Sarah Jane Casasola

Full-time writer. Part-time adventurer. Blogger on the side. She lives and breathes the outdoors and scribbles artful words during her free time.