Highlights of Alaska IronKids Event

Joining a triathlon is a challenging and rewarding way for kids to get fit. Aside from mastering three sports in one, children learn the values of discipline, determination, hard work, sportsmanship and persistence while making new friends and having fun. It also allows kids to make the most of their time and energy instead of whiling away time by playing video games or browsing the internet. For many of these children, race day has finally arrived after months of preparation, as Alaska IronKids Philippines, the local junior version of the international triathlon series, Ironman, kicked off last March 11, at Wow Recreation and Activity Center in Subic Bay Free Port. Now on its 6th year, more than 150 participants from 6 to 14 years old joined the different heats of the Alaska IronKids.

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1. The Borlain Family

Veteran IronKids Tara Borlain, Samantha Borlain, Cheska Borlain together with their parents Ringo and Carole Borlain attended the said event but not as participants but as a supporter for the Alaska IronKids. The Borlain sisters wasn’t able to join this year but still managed to attend the event to show their support and love for the IronKids.

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2. Awarding

It was a fun-filled event both for the kids and the parents. The main goal of the event is to promote a well-balanced lifestyle for kids who are used to staying indoors with TV, video game console and the Internet as companions. Therefore, encouraging your kid to join a triathlon is a perfect idea for families to bond and for parents to demonstrate in ‘real-time’ that being healthy can also be fun. It will also help the kids to be competitive as early as now together with their parents supporting them all the way. At the awarding, it was overwhelming to see proud parents with their happy child.

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3. Interview with Coach Ani de Leon-Brown

Coach Ani de Leon-Brown is the Race Director of Alaska IronKids and the first Filipina to compete in Ironman World Championship. She personally train the participants and she believe that these kids has potentials and can absolutely compete internationally.

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If your child is thinking of participating in his first triathlon in the next races of Alaska IronKids, you can help nourish his dreams by providing him with the proper training and guidance.  Most triathletes prepare mentally, emotionally and physically for each race.  Here are some pointers how you and your child can holistically prepare for his first triathlon.

1. Be your child’s #1 fan.

Balancing three sports at the same time may appear to be quite a challenge at first glance. It might be hard for your child to change his daily routine specially if this is all new to him. He might find it difficult to attend regular training, eat proper diet and discipline himself and that is the reason why you should be there to remind your kid that he is not doing it alone. Cheering him up will encourage him to work hard.

2. Remind him to enjoy and have fun.

Indulging in your chosen sport isn’t all about winning. It is not all about the number of trophies that you have, the fame that you gained, and the name that you earned. Teach your child to do all these things with love and passion not just because he wanted to do it for the sake of winning. He can still be competitive while having fun. Encourage your child to have fun, enjoy the sport and learn from it. More than anything else, it’s about having new memorable experiences with other kids.

3. Fuel up.

Ensure that you get the proper food and nourishment you need months before your target triathlon. This will guarantee that your body can function at its optimum and has the “fuel” needed to recover after training and race day.

Triathlons can be fun and challenging for both young and mature athletes.  Let your child experience the joys and triumphs of conquering his first triathlon by participating in this year’s Alaska IronKids Philippines race series. Other races include aquathlons on April 9, in Manila Polo Club, and June 3 in Subic; and triathlon in Cebu on August 5.

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