High Quality Korean mask sheet Dermairis is now in the Philippines

Much has been said about Filipinas having one of the best skin tones in the world and yet many of them would still go crazy over wanting to have a beautiful translucent skin. In fact, majority of the beauty products available in this country are geared towards having clear, light skin.

When Korean skin care products started making waves in the beauty industry, the Filipinas are among the first to embrace this beauty trend. Its popularity stems from the fact that Korean skin care products offers many benefits in achieving beautiful translucent skin.


One of the popular beauty products in the market right now is the Korean Mask Sheet which sells like hotcakes in our country. Each available mask offers different benefits such as whitening and moisturizing among others, brought over by the JW Group,  one of the largest medical and healthcare products manufacturers in Korea since 1945. Its subsidiary, the JW Healthcare Philippines recently introduced Dermairis in a grand launch attended by its Philippine team’s top brass.


Dermairis is a new mask sheet exclusively designed by JW with its advanced technology on cell therapy, backed by 70 plus years of pride in excellent product quality and dedication to customers. This Korean mask sheet has multiple benefits with the best results achievable in small amount of time.


Moreover, Dermairis Face Masks have a 4-in-1 effect which is for whitening, wrinkle improvement, skin elasticity and moisturizing.

Two of its active ingredients which makes this a worthwhile product are the Adenosine and Niacinamide.

Adenosine is a proven anti-wrinkle and skin-restoring ingredients. It is naturally present in our body and increases collagen production as well as blood flow spike to the outermost layer of the skin, resulting in a pinkish glow. On the other hand, Niacinamide, is best known for its ability to lighten dark spots, reduce hyperpigmentation and soothe the skin.

Together, Adenosine and Niacinamide promises a firmer, whiter and improved elasticity of the skin and with the countless air pockets that made up Dermairis, there is a better absorption of this ingredients.

Additional ingredients to make up the 10 ingredients included in the mask are: EGF – Epidermal Growth Factor (JW-EGF) – a patented factor for skin regeneration; AMF (Artifical Moisturizing Factor) for better skin moisture retention, the antioxidant Astaxanthin; Snail Secretion Filtrate which stimulates formation of collagen and elastin; Hyaluronic Acid that secures moisture for youthful skin; Ceramide to plump the skin and holds moisture; Vegetable Extracts; and Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5.

Dermairis Face Masks are distributed by JW Healthcare Philippines and is now available in all HBC and Watsons branches nationwide.

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