Hide Your Flaws with a Few Makeup Tricks


Yes, you’re reading this article right. You can hide your flaws with the proper use of makeup and some tricks and hacks. The way you apply makeup not only makes you look better, it can also improve the way your facial features work together.  Professional models know the secrets of corrective makeup application and now you can too!  Is our nose too long?  A little contouring can shorten it.  Is your brow too low?  Smooth on some highlighter.  Sounds complicated?  It’s not! 

International stylist and makeup guru Anchal Kumar says:  “To contour, you simply use a dark foundation or concealer and to highlight, just grab a light tone.  The secret of making them both look natural is to blend and blend!”

But before you begin, take a long look at your just washed face in the mirror and analyze your features.  Then follow these guidelines for a picture perfect look you’ll love.


Contour with confidence

Is your nose too big?  Is it crooked? Would you love it if your chin, forehead or even eyelids were less prominent?  This calls for contour!  Choose a foundation or concealer a shade darker than your skin – then get to work and make those features more flattering. To achieve that, you have to apply the foundation to those facial features you’d like to appear a bit smaller.  If you try to experiment with this contour process, you’ll find that contouring will make more look like less.

A High-Five for Highlighting

So you say your nose is shorter that you’d like it to be.  Or maybe your face is longer than you want.  Are your eyes too deep or are there circles underneath them?  Do you yearn for a strong chin or a high forehead or cheekbones?  If you’ve answered yes to those, do the highlighting thing! Grab a foundation or concealer a shade lighter than your skin – that’s the key to improving these features.  Apply the concealer to the areas you would want to see such improvement.  Be sure to blend the concealer in completely, and you’ll notice that less is starting to look like more!


Major Eye Tip

You stayed up really late last night watching our favourite videos.  This morning, you’ve got some serious circles under your eyes.  To make them disappear, you can use the highlighting tip above.  But be sure not to use too much lighter that your own skin, or else you’ll be looking like a Japanese kabuki player.  The worst scenario would be that you’ll end up with circles that look even darker than the ones you started out with!  So, be careful when using makeup concealer.

Follow these simple makeup tips and you’re sure to hide those flaws for a better looking you. 

Vance Madrid

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