Here’s Why You Need to Invest in Makeup Tools

As makeup junkies, we are always swooned by seeing our favorite influencers reviewing different products from our favorite brands. In fact, if we look carefully by our dressing tables, we can see different shades of one line–some of them are unopened or just swatched once. We spend hundreds of dollars regularly for products, but when we are advised to get the brush set for more than we spend for products, we become defensive and questioning, saying that makeup tools, in general, do the same job regardless of its price.

Well, remember the hype for the world-famous Shu Uemura eyelash curlers few years back? People haven’t really listened to makeup artists who advised that everyone (YES, everyone!) should invest in their makeup tools, until this happened. We somehow thought that a $4 eyelash curler performs similarly to a $25 one. To makeup artists, makeup tools are an investment, and may last for a lifetime if maintained properly. Now, would you prefer getting an inexpensive/generic brush set for $40 that will likely to last you two to three months, or get a more sophisticated one for a little more than that, which may probably last years?

However, of course, we should remember that investing does not mean it only requires our money. Investing is putting in your resources at the expense of finding better options. These also include your time and effort in research. Better tools do not necessarily mean more expensive, and more expensive tools are not necessarily better.

If You Scrimp On Tools, You Also Scrimp On the Application

One of the main reasons you should invest in your makeup tools is yes, when you scrimp on tools–whether it is by price and using the same material for every product–, generally, you also scrimp on the application. Meaning to say, you may have the most expensive products in the world, but if your tools on hand are not most effective for each of its application, it would not make a dashing difference.

For instance, one of the most famous debates there is on makeup brushes is whether we go synthetic or natural. Cheaper tools are mostly made up of low-quality synthetic hair, which do not fare well with certain products and tends to not pick up pigment as much as we want to. Most makeup artists suggest the use of natural animal hair, as they blend properly and applies well. However, some makeup users suggest using synthetic ones for creams as these are easier to clean, and performs well in blending cream-based products. Regardless, each has preferences, but it is always better to look into what works best with your products. In addition, as a user, if you did not exert time in finding out which tools are perfect for your products and try to use one brush for foundation, powder, and concealer, you will not get satisfactory results. Each product is meant for a different purpose, and using it for another one would not be effective. Take time to get to know your products and find the tools apt for them.

Clean Brushes Are Always Better

Investing also means taking an extra step in maintenance. The first step we take in maintaining our tools is cleaning them. Of course, you should also take time in cleaning your tools at least once a week. When was the last time you cleaned your brushes? A month ago? Try cleaning them now by the sink, and if you use your brushes regularly, I am sure you will find a huge amount of product on your brushes that just have been pushed back on the bristles due to frequent usage.


Cleaning our brushes do not only benefit their durability or the softness of their bristles. While it also helps in effectively picking up and applying pigment, actually, it benefits our face more. Our brushes pick up every particle on our face such as dead skin cells, dust, and oil; thus, cleaning our brushes help us avoid bacteria and prevent acne accumulation in the long run. When we develop acne because of this, we will have to spend money on actives or even a dermatologist and wished we just put effort into taking care of our makeup tools.

Invest in your tools, and I’m sure you will find it to be cost-efficient in the long run.

Kathy Kenny


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