Henry and Sons PH: the sustainable approach

It’s not always that you get international brands supporting local farmers in creating real good coffee at affordable prices. Enter: Henry and Sons – a known coffee distributor of premium beans across the globe.

This comes into play specially with the help to boost local coffee production from coffee growing regions and improve the quality of local beans, international provider of coffee beans and coffee machines, Henry & Sons, established a nonprofit organization aimed at creating a sustainable industry wrapped around taking care of the farmers by addressing the hurdles that are preventing coffee farmers from producing better coffee in larger quantities: the Foundation for Sustainable Coffee Excellence (FSCE).

The latest flavors to come out of the project came in the form of “Coffee for Great Minds” and “Beans for the Little Ones.”


My brewing method was through coffee press to allow more of the oils to come out from the beans.

You can expect the same quality of beans that come out of their regular line of roasts as the “Beans for the Little Ones” came out medium roasted with hints of chocolate and nuts and a dash of earthy tones – perfect for waking up early in the morning or a quick perk me up to get you going through the day.

The “Coffee for Great Minds” enters the scene with a more mellow tone with the same medium to light roast that’s more berry and chocolate-y in tones fit for those that need a long keep-me-sustained workflow without the crash of espresso afterwards.

Bloom Coffee is the result of La Trinidad’s coffee farmer’s passion and dedication to produce quality beans. Have a sip of their hard work through a cup of Bloom Coffee.

Behind the Bloom Coffee are the untold stories of hardwork and perseverance of local coffee farmers in La Trinidad. Be part of their coffee journey, one cup of Bloom coffee at a time. For inquiries, contact us at (632) 2233 or 746 2693.