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It is common nowadays to employ applications or “apps” for short in performing various tasks that deal with a problem or need . This becomes possible through the proliferation of handheld “tablet PC” . With this, access to many applications became a way of life. Having a powerful tool is especially helpful and beneficial to students who are able to tap into the vast knowledge resource of the entire human race via the world wide web or internet. Maximizing its potential in amplifying the learning process of the students presents you with the task of choosing the right apps that would address and fulfill such promise. Here are five (5) of the basic must-have helpful apps that can enhance the learning capabilities of students. Of course, these are just the basics, complimenting them with other apps would be a different story. Here they are.

Youngsters are born with technology. Since they live with it, it is the duty of the teachers and parents to encourage the use of gadgets to promote better learning channel and effective learning output and input.
Youngsters are born with technology. Since they live with it, it is the duty of the teachers and parents to encourage the use of gadgets to promote better learning channel and effective learning output and input.

Weather Live Free

This app is synchronized with your local, national, and global weather trackers. It can provide you with the following: a) Average temperature for the entire day, b) Report Button– This feature of the app enables you to report or contribute to the gathering and updating of weather data which is cross-referenced to the data gathered by the different weather stations scattered on strategic points in the country; c) Phase of the Moon – This helps you to determine the movement of the tides in your area; d) Data on the “Golden Hour” – You might be wondering what is the golden hour? It is the time of the day were you can capture the best photographs or images on any device without the need for any lighting or image filters (; e) Wind speed, direction and temperature; f) Chance of Precipitation – Precipitation is commonly known as “rain, snow , or hail”. This particular feature will tell you the chance for rain to occur on every hour of the day which will decide your load-out. No need to needlessly carry your bulky umbrella or raincoat that is if the chance for precipitation (rain) to occur is low; g) sunrise and sunset time; h) road visibility; i) rain map; and j) Hurricane tracker – This feature is in “real time” mode.

One Note or Penzu

One note was formerly part of the MS Office bundle when you install your Microsoft Office Program in your desktop. Good thing that it is now available in the app store for free. Students hate opening and flipping their notebooks. Most students nowadays would use a notebook to write down their lecture/lesson notes but never bother to actually “read it”. Good thing this app has features that recreates the meaning and perception on the word “note taking”. Its features and capabilities are the following:

  1. It is compatible with any OS currently in the market specially the ones in Google Play.
  2. It is a digital notebook where you can literally type, hand write, draw, clip, import and export files and images at the same time, and paste links on videos and images related to the topic at hand.
  3.  It allows you to organize your thoughts by enabling you to create sections, divisions, or categories. Furthermore, you can also tag and customize the labels for each topic entry.
  4. You can sync or share your notebook with other people and be able to manipulate and modify the entries in the notebook together
  5. You can create a backup of your notes.

Gone are the days that you need to carry your bulky notebooks and multicolored markers. With this, you may maximize your learning activities.

Merriam Webster Dictionary

This is also a free app from Google Play store. This is very handy in unlocking those difficult terms.

School Planner App

With the very hectic and output laden format of most school curriculum these days, it is important to keep a close watch and record of all your activities. This app will help you plan and organize all your submissions, study time, dates, requirements, and other stuff, be it personal or academic. It comes with an alarm feature and multicolored formats.

Google Chrome Browser

The most reliable search engine so far is The chrome browser is compatible with all platforms and it comes with a filter feature and incognito tab which makes your browsing experience smooth. Added to this, its history folder can easily be cleaned which help your device to maintain its peak performance. And since its default search engine is Google, finding the appropriate research material such as articles and literature on various topics becomes very easy through “Google Scholar”. Speaking of research, survey forms, tally sheets, document storage and processing can all be done via Google forms. Plus one of the best part is “file storage and back-up”. With this creating a digital backup of all your important files can be done in your personal Google drive storage. all you need to do is open a Google mail. It is stored safely and can be accessed anytime and anywhere on the planet.

Learning nowadays is truly astounding due to the advent of such applications which enables the students to maximize their learning potential while saving time, money, and effort. They can perform multiple tasks at the confines of their room and classroom. All the information and knowledge at the tip of their fingertips.

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