Hello internet for medical Advice

Most, if not all, would turn to the internet to seek health advice and in the process self-diagnose an illness. Though without a doubt internet can offer a wealth of knowledge, one puts himself at risk if he relies solely on it.  PSST.ph itemizes the downside of doing one’s research and relying on online diagnosis and medical prescription for his ailment.

Reliable source

Hello internet for medical Advice
Hello internet for medical Advice

The internet is helpful especially in providing information very alien to most individuals. From basic information to symptoms and possible cure, one can read almost any kind of illness in just a few clicks. Sadly, not all data presented and written there came from medical practitioners. Some articles are based on opinion or possibly, experiences. A few medical advice, too, are just gathered from different sources, perhaps altered depending on one’s interpretation.

Personalized advice

The good thing about consulting a doctor personally is getting a tailored diagnosis and advice. A physician can also conduct or request for a series of test to confirm a diagnosis. Appropriate procedure or medication will then be given.

Though there are a number of useful websites to check for symptoms and general information about a certain disease, still they have limitations. These sites cannot provide personalized professional medical advice like a physician or other qualified health providers can do.

Updated information

Any health information more than two years may be considered old already. This is because Science and Medicine continuously do research to provide updated information. Usually, as well, most treatment and medication provided are based on emerging research widely accepted and practiced.

Hello internet for medical advice

Hello internet for medical Advice
Hello internet for medical Advice

No doubt that the internet can provide data about a certain illness. But any information gathered should be used with caution. Some websites are not medically accredited resources for information. One should also take into consideration the date of the publication, the resource person or writer, and even place of publication.

While being knowledgeable about one’s health is good, relying on the internet alone for a possible solution is quite risky. It is prudent to seek medical attention regarding one’s health condition from a licensed medical practitioner than turning to Dr. Online.

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