Health benefits of zero gravity Position

Have you ever heard about the zero gravity position? Scientists believe that sleeping or resting using the zero gravity position has a lot of health benefits.

Many people don’t know what zero gravity position actually is. To give you a simple background, zero gravity position is developed by astronauts in NASA where they are seated in a way that relieves stress while taking off in a space craft and travelling through space. In this position, the body weight is distributed equally on the surface of a chair or bed allowing flexing of the body joints to lessen the pressure on certain body points resulting in weightlessness feeling.

Due to the feeling of weightlessness in this particular position, it was named the zero gravity position. This position has been proven to have many health benefits. In fact, hospitals and medical facilities apply this position to promote maximum comfort to patients for fast recovery.

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What are the health benefits of assuming the zero gravity position when resting or sleeping? Here they are:

Reduces and prevents back and neck pain

Our spinal column is designed with curves. It’s actually slightly S-shaped. When we sleep in a flat bed or mattress, our back and neck feel some pressure. The tissues and muscles in our back and neck also feel the stress resulting to back or neck pain or both. With zero gravity position, the body weight is equally distributed. As a result, our spine and neck feel less pressure preventing or relieving from back and neck pain.

Reduces Snoring problems

You already know how irritating sleeping with someone who has a heroic snore. Sleeping with zero gravity position somehow reduces or prevents one from snoring as the head is slightly elevated preventing the tongue to fall back when sleeping.

Prevents heartburn

Heartburn occurs when acid contents from our stomach regurgitates back to our esophagus resulting to stringing pain. Assuming a zero gravity position prevents this condition with an elevated upper body and head preventing stomach contents to shift up to the esophagus. This is normally recommended to patients with Acid Reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).

Promotes lung expansion

In a zero gravity position, our diaphragm gets more space in our body allowing our lung to take in more air. The more air our body gets, the better the circulation is. Moreover, it improves breathing with elevated torso taking pressure off of the lungs and the upper airways.

Improves heart health

Zero gravity is a great way to take pressure off of the heart. With lesser pressure, it allows better blood flow throughout the body, while sleeping in some positions may actually put additional pressure on your heart.

Better sleeping habit

Since our spine has a slightly S-shaped curves, it’s uncomfortable to sleep on a flat surface. With zero gravity position, it gives much comfort and also improves our seeping habit. Specialists suggest that sleeping in a zero gravity position for 5 hours gives a satisfaction of an 8-hour sleep.

There are other reasons why zero gravity position is good for you. You can enjoy reading a book, watch your favorite TV show, or work on your computer while assuming this position. There are also readily available zero gravity chair and beds online you can check. Some of them offer zero gravity massage chair offering maximum comfort and relaxation.

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