Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee


Mushrooms are taking over as the ultimate alternative to coffee. Mushroom coffee and teas are officially a thing. Much like acai bowls and avocado toast, the health food trend promises some pretty impressive health benefits, but, we have to admit it lacks the same appeal. So what’s the deal with this new take on your morning cup of coffee? We share all the must-know info below.

There’s nothing wrong with sipping java on the regular. While the everything-in-moderation rule definitely applies, studies have even proven that it can have health benefits, including a longer life. So why all the hype about this coffee-esque beverage? It’s about its ability to fight adrenal fatigue.

Stress itself isn’t the only thing that will kicked your body’s production of cortisol into high gear—caffeine causes your body to make cortisol too. Reducing caffeine consumption or finding a replacement for your morning cup(s) of joe is a pretty good strategy for kicking adrenal fatigue to the curb — which is why things like mushroom coffee and tea are on the rise.

While not entirely devoid of caffeine, mushroom coffee provides adrenal support and eliminates things like post-espresso jitters and crashes, plus the alkaline nature of the mushrooms means no stomach burn. Mushroom tonics, on the other hand, are totally caffeine free—ideal if you’re looking to nix coffee altogether but still want a caffeine-esque boost.

Taste is, however, a major consideration here and for those who aren’t fans of mushrooms, the idea of mushroom coffee might be incredibly off-putting. We hear you. Luckily, the buzzy beverage doesn’t actually taste like mushrooms, but rather an earthy, mellow blend of coffee and tea. It comes in powder form in either a tea bag or instant coffee-like pouch, which is then added to hot water.

So why not give mushroom coffee a try? It’s not just a fad, but it’s really beneficial for your health. There’s no harm in trying them. Just make sure it’s organic.

Vance Madrid

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