Hand of Fate 2 Review

A few years ago, Defiant Development created a game called Hand of Fate. The game was inspired by the classic rules and settings of Dungeons and Dragons, combined with the free flowing combat of Batman: Arkham Asylum.  The game was great, but it felt a bit floaty and the cards had little to no variety.

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Now a few years later, Hand of Fate 2 was released on Steam with a promise of improving the game and its engine. Can the sequel succeed from the original, or will it fail to meet expectations?

The tale begins with the player in the wilderness, unarmed and with no recollection of past events. The mysterious dealer returned offering aid to the player in a form of a game. The trials got harder however as brigands, traps, and the infected roam in every corner. With the price of knowing your true purpose at hand, how much can your luck get you? How many sacrifices are you willing to take to achieve your goals? Can you change your fate in this game of life and death?

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There are huge improvements to Hand of Fate 2. For starters, combat felt great, every hit has some added weight. There was more weapon variety to choose from, ranging from light daggers to heavy maces. The event cards were more balanced with their rewards and hazards. The game of chance has more variety added to it, though most of the times the chance for success grows slimmer with every turn.

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Companions were more useful in Hand of Fate 2, each with their own specific pros and cons. In addition, each companion has their own tragic backstory that the player must earn in each play of the board.

The sound design was also amazing, the music created the mood of the quest and the perfectly timed sound cue helped players predict their opponent’s attacks.

Overall, Hand of Fate 2 improved the perfect balance of action while the board game kept aspects of fun. There may be a few kinks in the game, but it was an enjoyable journey for fans of the game.

Overall Score: 3.5/5


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