Haircare: Tress Stress and Scares


Hair rebonding is one of the most popular hair treatments introduced to enhance the shine of your hair when it has already reached the desired length.  It is said to make your tresses more manageable, shinier and softer.  But it will cost you a fortune in order to maintain it for rebonding is quite expensive as it is considered a breakthrough.  Still want to achieve that kind of hair without having to undergo rebond?  After all, our hair also gets its own stress and scares.  Keep your crowning glory from turning into crown gory!

girls-487097_960_720 will teach you how to avoid possible hair problems that make you want to pull out your hair. Read on…

Problem #1:  Oily around the roots, dry on the ends.

Solution:  When you shampoo your hair, concentrate on your scalp.  Avoid lathering the ends because they need less cleansing.  After you have rinsed your hair, apply conditioner only to the strands especially the ends where moisture is most needed.

Problem #2:  Damaged hair.

Solution:  Before you swim, wet your hair.  Massage a water based conditioner on the roots.  Immediately after swimming, rinse your hair with water and then shampoo.  If you swim regularly, be sure to get a trim every four to eight weeks to prevent from split ends of your hair.


Problem #3:  Lackluster locks.

Solution:  To make dull hair shinier, shampoo regularly.  Styling products, dirt and oil leave a build-up on the hair that greatly reduces shine.  Rinsing with cool or warm water enhances shine more than using hot water, which tends to be drying.  Regular conditioning also helps to make your hair not only shiny, but also smooth.


Problem #4:  Unruly hair.

Solution:  Use moisture-rich shampoos and condition frequently.  “Thinning” your hair or cutting some strands short and leaving those around them long, does not help.  Instead, have your hair cut in such a way that short strands frame your face, but keep hair at the back longer.

Problem #5:  Perm hair damaged.

Solution:  Wash your hair with a light, neutral pH shampoo.  Apply mineral water to hair and cover the entire scalp with the following mixture.  One tablespoon mayonnaise, one tablespoon black strap molasses, one tablespoon soy sauce.  Blend the three ingredients together and leave them on your hair for 30 minutes.  Rinse off, shampoo again with the same light neutral pH shampoo.  Towel hair.


Problem #6:  Crowning glory of split ends.

Solution:  Split ends have remedies.  But first, avoid applying heat and artificial coloring.  Protect your hair from the sun by using creamy lotions or use a hat or a scarf.  Select a shampoo with a cream conditioner or add a good conditioner after a soft and mild shampoo.  Avoid using bobby pins as they add more damage to the hair.  Twice a week, apply equal amounts of mayonnaise and soy sauce to your hair.  Leave on for 20 to 25 minutes.  Shampoo and rinse well.

Follow these simple hair tips and your crowning glory will surely be thanking you for it. 

Vance Madrid

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