Gym Tips: Getting Back Into the Groove after a Long Hiatus

A lot of us like to hit the gym to keep in shape. But at some point, due to circumstances beyond our control like work or personal matters, we might suddenly stop and be away from gym for a long time. But once opportunity comes, we would like to pick up where from we last stopped. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

It is not a good idea to go high-impact routines right away after a long absence. Take it easy and slow for now to get back into the groove. Source: Livestrong

Take it Slow

In as much as we like to hit the ground running, do not “shock” your body by going into intensive routines immediately. For instance, it is not a good idea to start lifting heavy weights or going into high-impact exercises right away even if you have been doing that before. Give your body time to readjust by starting slow and easy. Needless to say, go back to basics.

Give Yourself 5 Minutes

If you used to work out for longer periods of time, it is unrealistic to expect you can do it again right away after a long hiatus. It is recommended you give yourself at least five minutes. Keep doing it until you can gradually take it up a notch higher to the point you are back to your regular routine.

Schedule It

Our long hiatus sometimes makes us feel like not wanting to go to the gym. In our mind, we want it, but our body is not cooperating. Sometimes we want to work out but something suddenly comes up. It is suggested you put it in your diary or planner. Set a date and time in such a way, nothing will get in the way to keep you away from the gym.

Challenge Yourself

It is also suggested you impose a challenge to yourself to work out on a fixed period of time. The duration is up to you – one week (or two), one month, one year? The idea here is for you to restart your habit of working out regularly after being away for a long time.

Have a Buddy or Partner

It is recommended having a “buddy” to accompany you to the gym if having a personal trainer is not possible. This person should help you stick to your program, and to give you motivation.

Do It for Yourself

It is all about attitude. Condition your mind to think you are doing this for yourself. You are doing this to stay fit and to remain healthy and keep ailments away.

These tips should help you get back into the groove.

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