Gyeonggi Content Agency partners with Elite Games Inc.

Manila, December 2017 – Gyeonggi Content Agency, an agency representing the Gyeonggi Province in South Korea; is partnering up with Elite Games Inc. to bring quality games to Southeast Asia.

Elite Games Inc., a premier service provider based in Seoul, South Korea; will be introducing four new mobile games in Southeast Asia. The Philippines will get the honored spot of being the launch pad for these four new titles, and a lot more to come down the road.

This partnership was announced at the Philippine-Korea Video Game Cooperation Conference last December 1, 2017 at the Marco Polo Hotel.

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Gaming as a Serious Business

Game support and development is one of the services that Sunshine Tech Industries in the Philippines provide. Today, they have Philippine companies working on AAA titles like Microsoft Studios’ Gears of War; Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series and more. According to, revenue in the Philippines Mobile Games segment reached more than US$175 million in 2017. By 2022, mobile phone game revenues will reach US$256 more than a quarter of a billion dollars.

Johnny H. Paek, CEO of Elite Games Inc., said that their company will be working with Gyeonggi Content Agency to help in promoting game development and release of Korean-developed games in Southeast Asia.


Games to be launched this December 2017

Joy Planet Banner


A match-3 puzzle game that is similar to Candy Crush, where players get to build and customize their own personalized planet. This casual game has more than 140 puzzle stages and it has social network support for fans that want to show-off their planet to their friends.

Next Exit Banners


Also known as “Next Exit- THE 1st EXIT Dungeon Escape Game”, Next Exit is an escapist platformer with simple controls that are easy to learn but hard to master. The game’s story is about Sausage Guy who came to Earth for summer vacation, but an evil human captured him for research. The goal is to escape the many traps and return to his family in Kepler 22b. His fate is in your hands! You need to escape more than 100 stages while avoiding your demise in this game of traps and hazards. The most unique feature in Next Exit is the ability to create user-generated levels that players can upload and play online for maximum replay ability.

Velator Banner



From Sahara Studios, Velator is a fantasy Epic Team Strategy RPG set in the Kingdom of Shunhyte.  Velator sets the player in an epic story in the battle against the storm of the Immortal. Unlike any auto-battle RPGs in the market, the game encourages players to strategically win any match manually. The game’s combat system engages players to rely on strategy and timing to defeat any foe.

 Fantasy Tales Banner


In a world with two colliding goddesses, you have the goddess of creation, Ditne and the goddess of destruction, Lakstia fighting each other in a long war until both are incapacitated. Many years later, Lakstia returned to the living and created demons from her blood. In desperation to save humanity, Ditne sacrificed her life and summoned heroes to help save the dying world. The battle for balance begins!

Fantasy tales is an auto-play RPG that has a lot of customizable features and guild support for players on the go. The game’s unique Idle Gameplay feature lets your account proceed every stage, even in background mode.

For more information about these games and more, go to their official website at

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