Gushcloud Influencers to watch out

New Year, new faces! Check out these fashion influencers under Gushcloud Philippines who are definitely stepping out of their comfort zones to make a mark not only in their OOTDS and #fashiongame, but also in the industry.

CHAR DEOCAREZA (@chardeocareza)

Char is a graduating Architecture student who is into fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She creates signature styles and changes it depending on her mood. She also uses VSCO and Adobe Lightroom to edit her photos. Thus, it is no surprise that she loves doing photoshoots and exploring different places.

Through being a blogger, she empowers different individuals to be confident about themselves. She enjoys getting to know her followers whom she treats as her friends. She aims to travel more around the Philippines to produce great content that will inspire and motivate more of her followers.

KAS PEREZ (@kasperloooove)

Kas is a fashion blogger who regularly does makeup and outfit posts, travel content, and food features. She’s a simple and casual girl who prefers wearing comfortable outfits, and making it look chic! She curates her feed by using one Adobe Lightroom preset for all her photos.

As a content creator, she gets to meet a lot of people in the industry whom she learns a lot from and get to discover brands and new places she has not been to. When her schedule is not full, she looks for OOTD inspirations and new accounts on Instagram to stalk her favorite icons.

KYNA SY (@kynagem)

Here’s Kyna whose content promotes love, selflessness, kindness, and all things positive. She tries to manifest these values not only into her social media content but through her everyday life as well – from the videos that she produces to the clothes that she designs, and even to beyond the screen! Her style ranges far and wide, extending from 50’s flapper to Legally Blonde-esque to runway ready, and everything in between; all but with a common denominator of an Avant Garde look.

Kyna likes being different; she loves to dress in a certain outside-the-box manner, which is why she designs most of the clothes she wears – from the initial ideation to embellishing the designs and even up to quality control.

LAUREN ESPINO (@laurgraces)

Last but definitely not the least, meet Lauren, a Psychology major, whose content features her journey through pursuing her love for arts in the likes of styling, graphic designing, embellishing, and painting, whilst making it a point to ground her content in her brand’s main message of empowering women to find value and self-worth in their passions, purposes, and power to make a difference in the world, as she attempts to do so herself.

Her favorite part of being an influencer is the fact that she gets to connect with so many different people, especially with her followers who she deems as her virtual family. Don’t forget to check out her #SheVictor movement on Instagram too!

So there you have it! These are the fresh new fashion faces on Instagram you should keep an eye on. They may be young and just starting out, but these girls have what it takes to positively influence the generations to come.

Kathy Kenny


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