Graduation Blues: The Trouble with Hello is Goodbye


Another school year comes to an end. It’s the season of mixed emotions for all graduates. For some, it’s a time to smile because it means there are no Algebra or Math subjects to solve or book reports to finish. We do not have to deal with a teacher’s bad mood and there are no surprise tests. 

One cannot seem to define it, but there is always something about the school year ending that creates a melancholy feeling. It’s not the scorching heat of the sun that bites the skin and unexpected migraines. But there’s something behind well wishing a friend to have a nice vacation or congratulating her on her graduation. 

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 There is this thin line that makes us sad because somehow it’s goodbye. The school is more than just a place to learn Math and read ABC’s. It’s a place where a day just passes by when talking to your friends just makes your day complete. Have you noticed that there’s something about being in school that makes us feel good about ourselves? It may be a teacher’s smile when you deliver a speech well or a friend’s compliment when you hum her favorite song. However, small it is, there is always a gesture that boosts our self-esteem and makes us feel we belong.


Let’s face it, though goodbye seems too cloudy in our hearts, reality has it that time never holds back a second and nothing is ever permanent. We learn the norms of life. For every hello there is goodbye. For every autumn, there is spring. Each time is different from the other. By the time the next school starts, there is something fresh–new students to meet, new teachers to impress, and new learnings to undertake. Now isn’t that something to look forward to? 

Part of growing up is accepting that there are some things you have to let go, though it pains us. The more we hold back, the harder it is for us to imagine it’s no longer the same. 

Life is embarking on a journey. It’s like walking on  road, if you keep looking back, you will never know what’s up ahead.

So instead of tears, how about a smile? Goodbye may sound final, but it doesn’t mean we have closed the doors. It only means we have opened a little window in our heart and life, for someday to come and say hello again.

Vance Madrid

Freelance writer, lifestyle blogger, social media manager, events coordinator, scriptwriter, film buff, wanderlust and certified foodie. Zealous for a keyboard and new experiences, I wish to live and learn through my writing.