GoSPCE: a find and use platform for work and play Spaces

With all the co-working spaces that have sprouted in the city and the available big spaces not utilized from its original purpose, there are now various options for market in finding, reserving and utilizing them.  Good thing there is now a booking and hospitality operations platform that can bring together owners of space and users who want to book them. Introducing GoSPCE.


GoSPCE, according to Mr. Randy McGraw (co-founder ALTUS Digital Capital), is a full end-to-end hospitality operations automation platform for space owners that will serve as a discovery and booking experience for users.


During the official launch of the mobile platform, GoSPCE presented the options where owners of any type of space can market their spaces that can either be used for work or play purposes. They can define what activities can be conducted there and through GoSPCE find interested consumer segments by using this online marketing tools in their behalf. By using GoSPCE, you can search, book and pay for shared work or play spaces on the go where you can find interesting and unique spaces to choose from catering to almost all work and play requirements.


Currently GoSPCE has over 400 Hosts who have signed up over 4,900 different types of spaces ranging from large corporate spaces that can be used for product launches, to more intimate spaces for corporate training sessions, and other work or play purposes.

By June 2018, GoSPCE foresees that any hotel, co-working space operator, hostel, managed service apartment or other hospitality-centric operator will be able to fully automate their booking operation thru the platform.

The platform has the following features:

  • A billing gateway and automated check-in/check-out function, it enables a seamless transaction for both Guest and Host;
  • Hosts can have full control of shaping, defining, and pricing their spaces;
  • Said space have fully automated and secure booking and payment process for guests;
  • Real-time discounting tools to conduct targeted sales and manage inventory;
  • In-app communication tools to reach guests both during and after their stay;
  • Marketing and selling in-house-value add services, transacting and fulfilling the orders through the app;
  • Permissions-based dashboard analytics to understand guest behavior and requirements better; and

Guests who are always looking for new experiences or independent workers like freelancers, business owners, startup companies, or any creative business team, can use GoSPCE to find their ideal place to work – whether for an hour, a day, or a week, or a month.

You can access GoSPCE through their website www.GoSPCE.com or as a downloadable app on Google Play. It will soon be launched on iOS.

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