Goreng-Goreng : Southeast Asian Cuisines in Marikina

Goreng-Goreng literally means ” fried- fried” in Bahasa Melayu, which is one of the major languages in Southeast Asia. The restaurant is located along Liwasang Kalayaan Avenue near C & B Mall which host a lot of restaurants.

The proprietor lived in Malaysia for a long time hence acquiring the knowledge and skills for their culture and dishes. This is also one of few restaurants in the area that serves halal cuisines.


Goreng-Goreng Kitchen Dishes

What makes this different is that it represents foods which is closer to home. The cuisines are representative of different Southeast Asian cuisines like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darusalam, Indonesia, southern Thailand and southern Philippines.

Some of the specialties of Goreng-Goreng

The food had some minor twists adjusting it to cater the Filipino palate . But for those who wanted to have an authentic spicy dish, one can request the chef.

Goreng-Goreng restaurant had a sitting capacity of between 20 to 30 people at any given time with a second floor.

Goreng -Goreng
Kaya Toast

Kaya Toast which originated from Singapore and Malaysia, These are slices of toasted bread which has Kaya Jam spread with pandan leaves flavoring and can be dipped in soft boiled egg. The bread toast are perfect for breakfast dish or dessert.

Daging Kacau Goreng

Daging Kacau Goreng is a complete rice meal with beef, stir fried vegetables and egg topping. MUST TRY


Nyonya Laksa is also known as ‘laksa lemak’in Malacca. This is very popular Peranakan cuisine of Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, southern Thailand and southern Philippines. Combination of two kinds of noodles. Egg and vermicelli noodles with chicken, served in spicy soup; either based on rich and spicy curry coconut milk or based on sour asam.  There are vegetables, tofu, mung bean sprouts and slices of squid balls.

Mee Goreng

Mee Goreng  or Mie Goreng  or Mi Goreng in Indonesia; Mee Goreng or Mi Goreng in Malaysia; both meaning “fried noodles”.  The noodles have tofu, mungbean sprouts , tomatoes, and vegetables.

Ayam Goreng

Ayam Goreng is deep fried chicken Malaysian -style with slices of cucumber and tomatoes.

Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam is chicken meat marinated on bamboo stick and grilled with slices of onions and cucumber.

Kopi Gayu and Ice Tea

Kopi Gayu is Indonesian or Malay Coffee with shaved butter and Ice tea.

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Address: 82 Liwasang Kalayaan Street, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Operational Hours : Everyday  7:00AM – 12:00AM

Contact : 0975- 509 4843




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