Google set to announce Pixel 2 on 4th October

In yet another quirky and clever ad by Google, the Mountain View company is set to release their latest flagship, the Pixel 2 (and probably with the Pixel 2 XL) via a simple campaign of highlighting search lines on common phone problems that the latest product from Google is set to answer. They simply ask “thinking of changing phones?”

It is exactly about a year ago on the same date that Google took the wraps off their made by Google phones the Pixel and the Pixel XL – the first ever phones officially branded with the Google logo that had room temperature reception at best. 365 and 1/4 days later, Google is set to do it again with the update on their home-grown, home-designed, and home-based version of what they think a phone should be.

The “ask more” campaign started with the video and the website made by Google domain teases how Google has evolved on the functions and features of what a phone can do initially enabled by Google Assistant last year and the unlimited photo and video storage heavily featured on the keynote when they released the HTC built Pixel and Pixel XL designed by Google. This year, the search giant has promising manufacturing deals with HTC for the Pixel 2 and LG for the Pixel XL – a take off on anticipation with the recently announced V30.

What can we expect from Google this year? The tease is pretty obvious with the questions posted on their search bar:

What’s wrong with my phone’s battery?

Why is my phone always out of storage?

Why does my phone take so many blurry photos?

Why doesn’t my phone understand me?

Why can’t my phone update itself?

Why is my smartphone so slow / hot / fragile / annoying / broken / cruel / impersonal / dumb?

Yes, those questions beg the common phone problems no matter how advance the technology is placed in our mobile devices but the tease seem to be pointing at things previously not available in the Pixel. The question on blurry photos suggest on optical image stabilization (OIS) which HTC has made clear (pun intended) to have included some of the best technologies on that small feature alone – not to mention that the LG line of cameras come with an excellent version of the same stabilization feature. Considering also that the Pixel was ahead of the competition last year with the highest mobile phone rating in terms of image quality and image preservation, we can expect the best camera to be included in a phone to date if that is any inidication.

The nod to heating up may mean two glass panels sandwiching a metal band that will hold the entire phone together which is hopefully not as fragile as the S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, LG G6, and LG V30.

The ‘dumb’ phone seems to take a jab at how Siri wasn’t even featured on the last announcement by Apple which is a key component on getting a made by Google phone.

All these questions and speculations will all be put to rest on 5th October (in the Philippines) via a live stream from San Francisco (9AM PT / 12PM ET).