Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils

The claims about essential oils helping one sleep better, improve mood, and heal infections may sound too good to be true.  It is quite intriguing as well that some scientific studies indeed suggest the potential benefits of essential oils.

Given how popular essential oils have become in recent years, many are turning to use these oils as an alternate to safe and powerful healing tool.

This writer ventured into essential oils, too.  The first she tried is how to get a baby to sleep with essential oils.

Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils
Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils

Essential oils can be used through smelling, diffusing, applying topically, and putting a few drops on a tissue or any stuffed toy.

Good night bedtime drop

For toddlers or teenagers, you can add a drop or two to their blanket or pillow.  You may also do it on their favorite stuffed toy and let them cuddle it up.

There are essential oils like cinnamon, eucalytus, and peppermint that are too strong to be undiluted on pillows, blankets, and toys.  They may burn the children’s eyes or even too strong for them to breathe in.

Gentle oils, on the other hand, that can be used for babies and toddlers are Bergamot, Frankincense, Lavender, and Roman Chamomile. A drop or two are enough to bring children to dreamland.

Good night bedtime diffuser

The use of a diffuser is an effective way as well to encourage a good night’s rest.   Likewise, it is a convenient way for the whole family to get the aromatic benefits that come from the essential oils.

Just combine oils in the diffuser.  Add water as required by the brand and diffuse for at least 15 minutes before bedtime.  The smell it creates will bring calming effect to those within the room.

Popular oils to diffuse are one drop each of Valerian and Lavender essential oils.  You may also try two drops Bergamot, one drop Vetiver, and one drop Patchouli.

Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils
Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils

For this writer and her six- and  18- month-old boys, we use two drops each of Lavender and Bergamot or Lemon.

Good night bedtime massage

Often, when you buy those essential oils starter kits, they come with carrier oils and little roller bottles.

The carrier oil is the base or vegetable oil used to dilute essential oils before they are applied to the skin.  They are named as such because they carry the  essential oil onto the skin.  A few examples of carrier oils are virgin or fractionated coconut oil, olive, sweet almond,  and jojoba.

These premade mixtures are made readily available on rollerball bottles.  One just needs to roll it onto the feet, neck or wrist.

One recipe that works like a charm and brings deep sleep to my boys are 10 drops Lavender and five drops each of Vetiver and Roman Chamomile in a 10ml roller bottle.  Add one tbsp. of your preferred carrier oil.

Apply a few rolls onto the feet.   For a more calming feeling, you may cover the feet with soft socks and your little kiddo will enjoy his peaceful night’s rest.

You may also roll on the mixture behind your ears as you lullaby your little one to sleep.

Good night bedtime sniff

My six-month-old was fussy yesterday because of a cold.  I put a drop of Lavender on a tissue and let my son smell it.  In a few seconds, he calmed down.

This is because the scent of a Lavender stimulates brain pathways and gives a relaxing effect.  This essential oil is generally safe, too, and can bring one to a deep slumber.

Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils

Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils
Good night bedtime rituals using essential oils

Consider creating a good night bedtime ritual using essential oils.  It may be the solution for that peaceful sleeping atmosphere for you and your family.  The trick, though, is finding the essential oil which your body loves best.  Each individual reacts to oils differently, and when you find your right brand and combination or recipe, stick to it and explore as many recipes as possible.  Aside from bringing a good night’s sleep, essential oils can soothe sore muscles, heal skin conditions, and improve digestion.   As for this writer, we got Botanicals in Bloom’s basic essential oil kit and so far, we are loving it.

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