Globe partners with Roku for StreamWatch

Globe Telecom, called in a partnership with Roku, a streaming device player that can fit almost any TV screen with HDMI, has announced that they have collaborated to serve more and more customers in shelling out online content without having to pay for premium devices and subscriptions.

The Roku-enabled streamwatch is composed of a device that you plug in to any television with HDMI capabilities that comes with a remote for navigation purposes within the device. Think set-top box but one that’s connected to the internet.

Roku has been in the business for quite some time now offering affordable internet connectivity with only just an HDMI-enabled television set required. Much of its needs are to just plug and play with a power-source nearby to enable the device. Much of the Roku device’s function emulate that of a Chromecast with some aspects enabled through the remote and will not require the need for Google Home to navigate through the app.

There will be hosts of options within the device that will cater to free and paid channels as well as streaming favorites like that of Netflix, HOOQ, and Disney Chnnel Apps, from the myriad of options to choose from. There are also a variety of channels from different options like fashion, lifestyle, sports, gaming, among so many other niches to watch out for.

Existing subscriptions can also be streamed to the Roku device direct to your Television provided you have a streaming enabled phone.

The Roku StreamWatch bundle will come with 3-month access to Netflix, Disney Channel, and HOOQ paired with a standard plan that has yet to be announced.
The Globe StreamWatch bundle with Roku is expected to arrive come November with a host of options with plan flexibility.