Global Academy sets Philippine Culinary Cup record with third overall champion win

After a two-year hiatus, Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy took back the title of Overall Champion at the recently concluded Philippine Culinary Cup (PCC) 2017, held at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia.

Global Academy now holds the record for having won their third overall championship. Prior to their 2017 win, the school was also the record-holder for its back-to-back victory in 2013 and 2014. This year’s feat is the biggest for Global Academy, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary since the opening of the first of its four branches.

Global Academy Team

Global Academy’s delegation brought home a total of 31 medals, including 11 Gold, 14 Silver and 6 Bronze, and the highest scores in eight categories. Chef Gerhard Oscar Gendrano, chef-instructor, was also awarded Best Chef this year, after winning seven medals, including four Highest Golds in Divella Pasta, Creative Breakfast Challenge, US Poultry and US Pork categories.

“This year, we made sure we fielded as many students as we could. This was going to be our comeback, and we wanted our chef-instructors and students to share in the honor,” said Chef Benjamin Ledesma Jr., Global Academy co-founder and president.

Global Academy emphasizes mentoring students to reinforce academic instruction and practical activities. “Students will realize that the professional kitchen can be very intense and sometimes, unforgiving. That it is why we want to be able to nurture their talents and guide them as closely as possible through mentoring,” said Chef Cho Marcelino, head chef of Global Academy Alabang.

Global Academy sent a 30-strong delegation to this year’s PCC, of which, 17 were students. In group categories, chef-instructors and students saw action together as partners/teams. As a result, 15 of the medals awarded were earned by students either as sole competitor, partner or team member. “After all, it wasn’t really all about getting the most medals, but letting our students experience ‘real-life’ challenges as future chefs, and proving to themselves that they have the grit to excel,” said Chef Gendrano, International Cuisines program head.


“This is a great achievement for our 10th anniversary. As we said, ten years and we’re just getting started. With our three-time overall champion record for PCC, we’ve set the bar higher for the coming years. We are excited to take on this challenge,” Ledesma said.

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