Glaucoma: The Leading Cause of Irreversible Blindness


According to the World Health Organization, glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. Glaucoma is not curable and is considered irreversible, considering the damage to the optic never caused by glaucoma is already permanent.

Involving the optic never—the cable-like tissue that connects the eye to the brain—glaucoma damages the optic nerve causing it to affect one’s visual field to shrink, eventually causing blindness. And yet, glaucoma remained to be under-diagnosed due to the silent nature of the disease and low patient awareness.

There is no single diagnostic test to diagnose glaucoma. A trained eye specialist will consolidate clinical examination findings with functional vision tests to come up with an assessment of glaucoma risk. If a diagnosis is made, regular and life-long follow-up is required for adequate monitoring of the said disease.

Individuals with the following risk factors should watch out as they have a higher chance of developing glaucoma: having high eye pressure (as measured in a routine eye exam), family  history of glaucoma, age over 45, previous eye injury, chronic steroid, diabetes mellitus, and probably most alarming to Filipino, Asian descent.

To help address this critical situation, The Philippine Glaucoma Society has organized glaucoma awareness campaigns. Numerous glaucoma forums for la people as well as glaucoma screening activities were held in selected hospitals and eye centers countrywide to examine the misperceptions and behaviours that often stand in the way of optimal diagnosis and care.

Philippine Glaucoma Society is the internationally recognized leader in providing quality glaucoma care in the Philippines through education, exchange of ideas, research and publication.

In partnership with medical communities, The Philippine Glaucoma Society bring scientific excellence and rigor to deliver leading products that addresses glaucoma, and The Philippine Glaucoma Society go above and beyond this to provide education and information, with the highest level of integrity, that helps patients to full understand the choices available to them and make well-informed treatment decisions with their doctors.

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