14 gift ideas for Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year from HortiKultura Filipina 2018

Special events like Valentine’s Day and the lunar new year require people to choose the ideal gifts for their love ones and special friends carefully. At the recently concluded HortiKultura Filipina 2018  plants and art festival. There are several items which can be given away as gifts for this season.

These are some of the hot items one must include in their bucket list.

Gift Ideas

heart shaped pot

1.) Heart shaped pots– This is one of the most sought after items at the trade fair. This heart shaped clay pots is not only ideal for planting flowering plants but also ideal for center piece items.

2.) Tile display– handmade tiles from Terracotta Berde Plants and Garden Supply . These tiles are ideal gifts for your love ones and home decor.

Contact Person: Beboy R. Requesto (0917-448-2376)

Hoya kerri
Hoya kerri

3.) Sweetheart Hoya or Hoya kerri with its heart-shaped variegated leaves is another special gift for your love ones during Valentine’s day, unlike flower arrangements which can only last for day or so. This hoya species from Thailand can bloom anytime of the year. This can be a centerpiece in any garden or living room.


4.) Animal figurines – popular figurine items like owls, dogs, crocodiles, rabbits, birds and ducks are popular gifts, not just for house displays but as garden accents.


5.) Dish garden – Dish gardens are ideal Valentine or new year gifts for those who love gardening. This can be a focal point in any garden, living room or office.


6.) Hanging ferns with Tillandsia usneoides ( buhok ni isabel / sabel) or
7.) Tillandsia ionantha. C
aptivate any person with these lovely air plants and ferns.

Cactus bouquet

8.) Cacti and succulent bouquet by Rj’s cactus and succulent booth. These lovely plants are neatly arranged by the staff of this booth.  Feng Shui experts also believe that these plants bring good chi in the coming year. 

fossilized flowers

9.) Dried Flowers – Maddela Flowers and Crafts have interesting flowers that are made from organic material. They also help several communities through their sustainable livelihood projects.

These flowers can be stored for weeks or even a lifetime. They are ideal as gifts for Valentine’s day or special occasions.

Contact : 4309449/ 0917-669-4411 Ms. Rachel 

sample photo

10.) Dog figurines are very popular as a good luck gifts this coming new year. They can be bought anywhere and some online shops like Shopee offers great discounts. While at Lazada,  a dozen dog figurines go for only Php 521.00, a discount of 50% off from the usual retail price of Php 1,042.00 . There were also dog figurines spotted during the show.

HortiKultura Filipina 2018

11.) Comical glazed pots are also hot items . These glazed pots are unique, funny and can be used for display or as centerpiece in any family homes.

HortiKultura Filipina 2018

12.) Fruit wines and locally wines are perfect gift this season. Any purchase of these items will help local wine makers and the industry.

HortiKultura Filipina 2018

13.) Potted flowering orchids – The most highly coveted of flowering orchids come in different colors and genera.  They symbolizes delicate, exotic and gracefulness of an individual person. Orchids also represent love, luxury, beauty and strength. In ancient Greece, orchids were associated with virility.

China, Japan, South Korea and many Asian countries practice giving orchids during valentine’s day or new year. This symbolize that the one who gives them will bring prosperity and good tiding for the entire year or vice versa.


14.) Red roses– This is the most popular gift for the season. Red symbolizes intensive love and flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. It is contrasted by thorns symbolizing defense, loss, and thoughtlessness.

Whether cut flower or potted roses with flowers, all are ideal gifts for this season of love and new beginnings.

The PSST.Ph family would like to greet everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day and Chinese Lunar New Year!



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