Getting things all Done

Are you the type of person who is always left behind when it comes to efficiency and promptness? Do you wish that there is more time in a day to finish all your tasks? If you are aware that you do and don’t know how to start changing yourself, has tips for you to get things all done effortlessly. Here they are:

Write down all the things that you need and like to do.

Everything must be covered: your big plans, small plans, leisure plans, everything that you like to do.

Plan your schedule very well.

For you not to get overwhelmed with your deadlines, chores to do, and other concerns that you need to attend to, plan your schedule for the day, week, and month. Mark your calendars with your immediate deadlines, break big tasks into smaller and manageable parts. Make sure that your goals must always be SMART (Systematic, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely). Set small specific goals and do your best to work through each one until each gets done. Reward yourself by taking breaks in between to feel rejuvenated.

Make your plans attainable.
Make your plans attainable.

Keep moving forward.

Now that you have listed all the things that you need to do, you have so many choices on how you should accomplish them all. Don’t get stressed and overwhelmed that may lead you to do nothing at all. Start taking small steps at a time and keep going.

Do first the task you like.

If you feel exhausted or demotivated to continue, start doing the task that is most appealing to you. The momentum you just created motivates you to work harder and keep moving.

Remove the distractions.

To work continuously and finish earlier or right on schedule, dettach yourself from things that distracts you the most like your phone for instance. If you are focused on the task at hand, you can achieve your goals promptly. When you do, take a break, do some stretching exercises, eat, take a nap, or check your social media accounts quickly.

Apply the method that works for you.

Some people opt to use their phone as their planner. Some individuals carry a small notebook and pen to jot down the things that they need to do to avoid forgetting them. Others post notes on the cork board or refrigerator. Choose the one that works for you to make yourself productive.
Another daily method that works is to divide your list into four columns. In Column 1, write all the major deadlines that you need to accomplish immediately within an hour or two. In Column 2, jot down the things that are not priorities but need to be done like cleaning the bathroom, etc. In Column 3, tasks that are not immediately due like filling up an application form due on the last week of the month. Lastly, in Column 4, write all the things that are not priorities, no time pressure needed, but you really like to do anyway like arranging the plants in the garden, sorting the clothes by color, or starting crocheting a table runner.
Setting priorities is one of the keys to finish your tasks without getting overwhelmed.
Setting priorities is one of the keys to finish your tasks without getting overwhelmed.

Multitasking works.

There are things that you can do all at once to save time. You may set the washing machine to do laundering and cook rice while washing the dishes. You can also read a book while putting your toddler to sleep.

Have a caffeine boost from time to time.

If you feel low and lazy, having a cup of your favorite hot coffee can boost you. But be warned that don’t do it  always because too much caffeine can do the opposite effect and may lead you to immunity to it. Stretching can also be used as an alternative to hasten the flow of blood to your body and brain to keep you awake and alert.

No matter how many tips that you learn and strategies that you plan to do, the best way to get things done is to simply begin doing them. This is the best time time to change your habits. Happy new year!

SJ Valdez

Dreamer, Doer, Self-proclaimed Adviser... Simply a MOM!