Getting fast charging on your iPhone 8 and X will cost you extra Php 4000

Most of the details you need to know about the recent announcement of the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X will be those that were not mentioned on the keynote speech.

It’s true that the latest Apple devices will be able to support fast charging. The claims go that recharging to 50% can be accomplished in a 30-minute charge but there’s a catch as pointed out by 9to5Mac.

The feature is only enable if you use USB-C specified charging options – where the fast charging function is only delivered through USB Power Delivery created in tandem with the USB-C technology that has been present in Android phones since USB-C was included as a feature. It’s a plus that’s already present in the latest iPad models when they were released earlier this year.

Those being said the fast charging capabilities will not come out of the box on your iPhone X or iPhone 8 and it will be very costly to avail of the the tech simply because Apple decided only those that are willing to pay for it will be able to get it. The standard 5W USB charging brick and the USB-to-Lightning cable included will simply not be able to output the same power.

To be able to take advantage of this feature you are required to purchase, at least, the USB-C-to-Lighting cable that retails for about Php 1,500 (estimated before taxes). That’s if you have a USB-C enabled port or power brick lying around. Otherwise, you will need to buy the cheapest Apple option of a 29W brick for the MacBook at a minimum of Php 2,500 (estimated before taxes) to supplement the right power.

Sure, you have the extra Php 4,000 after paying Php 55,000 (estimated before taxes) for you iPhone X but it’s just pure shame Apple did not think to include something they could have easily included in an already very expensive phone out of the box.