Get rid of those puffy eyes

Sometimes, we wake up with our eyes all puffy or our under-eye bags are too big they make us look sick or tired.  Having these are perhaps one of the most common beauty problems one faces especially if she is set for a big event. PSST.Ph made it easier for us and compiled proven home remedies for those puffy eyes and big eyebags.

Get rid of those puffy eyes
Get rid of those puffy eyes

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has antioxidants and vitamin E which make it effective in reducing puffiness around the eyes.  The same elements also keep those wrinkles and fine lines at bay.

You only need to apply the aloe vera gel on the area under the eyes.  This simple technique improves blood circulation, flushes out the fluids around the eyes, and reduces swelling.

Cold Spoon

Many attest to the effectiveness of this simple home remedy. All you need to do is chill five or more metal spoons in your refrigerator for 10 minutes.  Put the rounded side of the spoon against your eye for a few minutes until the spoon becomes warm. Replace it with another cold one and stop until you see your eyes went back to normal.

A cold spoon helps tighten up the skin around the eyes.  It also relaxes the blood vessels thus offering relief to tired eyes.

Cold Water

Repeatedly splashing your face with ice-cold water treats puffy eyes.  Or you may opt to use a small bag filled with ice and place it on your eyes.  Cold water tightens the blood vessels and lessens swelling.


Another good remedy for treating puffy eyes is a chilled cucumber. Cut thick slices of cucumber and place them on your eyelids for about 10 minutes or until they become warm.   The enzymes in a cucumber help reduce inflammation of the skin. They also help tighten the skin thus some use cucumber to get rid of wrinkles and even dark circles within the eyes.


If you do not have a cucumber, a potato may do.  Potato has starch that helps reduce under-eye bags.  It may also be used to remove dark circles under the eyes. You only need to grate the potato and put the shavings in a clean cloth and place over the eyelids until puffiness subsides.


Strawberries aren’t only a perfect compliment for pancakes, oatmeals, and cakes.  They can also make skin smooth and young. It is because they have alpha hydroxy acid which naturally makes skin smooth as a silk.    Your need to chill the strawberries, slice them into thick pieces, and place under eyes for several minutes. Soon, your under-eye bags would disappear in time.

Tea Bag

A tea bag is a popular home remedy to soothe puffy eyes.  May it be black or green tea, both contain anti-irritant elements that reduce swelling around the eyes.  A tea bag is also helpful in relieving redness of eyes.  Just like the spoon and cucumber, the tea bag should be placed in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes and put it on the eyelids.  Leave it in place for 10 to 15 minutes.

Why eyes become puffy?

Get rid of those puffy eyes
Get rid of those puffy eyes

Our eyes become puffy if we cried excessively the night before or we lack sleep.  Swelling of eyes also happens because of excessive physical stress, hormonal changes, and genetics.  Others got puffy eyes due to some allergic reaction, hangovers, and sinus problems.  With puffy eyes or big under-eye bags, we may appear restless and ill.  But with these simple home remedies, we can easily make them go away and enjoy our day ahead.  Swelling of eyes with pain though is still remedied by consulting a doctor.


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