How to get pregnant with twins?

In the general population, twin pregnancy occurs in one in every 250 births.  Statistics has it, too, that an average female has a 3% chance of having twins. As fertility treatment is one way to boost the odds of conceiving twins or multiples, there are other factors that can increase one’s chances of giving birth to more than one. gathers what research and fertility experts say.

How to get pregnant with twins?
How to get pregnant with twins?

Get pregnant when older in age

Fertility experts say that older women have a higher chance of having more than one child.  This is more likely because they produce higher amounts of FSH which increases the chances of releasing multiple eggs.  FSH is Follicle Stimulating Hormone which is essential to fertility and the ability to get pregnant.  When the FSH level increases, the fertility level decreases.   Having lesser chances of getting pregnant means the chances of having twins increase.

Continue breastfeeding

Though breastfeeding can prevent pregnancy especially during her first six months of nursing, it is still possible to get pregnant and with twins. The odds are due to the temporary overshoot of FSH since her menstruation is just starting back.

Get taller or fatter

Research shows women who are taller than average tend to have twins.  Multiple babies are more likely to occur as well to larger or obese women. These ladies usually have body mass index of 30 or greater and an average height of 165 cm (usual weight of a typical woman is about 161.8 cm).  One explanation experts say is that better nutrition (which may lead to more height) is somewhat behind the better chances of twins.  While the extra fat of obese women leads to increased levels of estrogen which results for the ovary to release more than two eggs.

Eat fatty food and dairy products

Studies have found that women who eat fatty food are more likely to have more than one offspring.   Reasons have it that fat affects the reproductive hormones and fat is needed to have a healthy pregnancy.  Likewise, mothers who consume a number of dairy products have bigger chances of conceiving twins.  One premise is that the hormone levels of a mother are affected by the growth hormones administered to the cows.

Have a big family

The chances of you conceiving more than one are more likely possible if your mother or great grandmother and even sister had multiple babies.  However, if it is your husband who has twins in his family, the odds of having twins or multiple babies are far from possible. Reason for this is that it is the woman who produces the eggs.

Undergo fertility treatment

Another way to boost the possibility of having twins is undergoing fertility treatment.  An example of such is IVF.   This is the process of fertilization by extracting eggs, retrieving a sperm sample, and then manually combining the sperm and the egg in a laboratory dish. After which, the embryo is then transferred to the uterus.

Have a number of pregnancies

Research suggests that the more times you’ve carried many pregnancies, the more likely you’ll conceive multiples. The reason is unknown but it may have something to do with you getting pregnant so easily.

How to get pregnant with twins?
How to get pregnant with twins?

Get pregnant with twins

Though there are no assurances, there are a number of natural methods to increase your chances of conceiving twins.  Try these practices should you find having twins is the cutest thing.  But if you find it exhausting to take care of two infants, might as well avoid these approaches.

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