GCash Scan to Pay at Glorietta

GCash, Globe Telecom’s digital payments arm, has just enabled Ayala in creating a new way to pay for purchases made inside the mall – through GCash. Wait, that’s been enabled a long time ago, what’s new? Well, now, all you need to do is to scan a QR code from the store direct from you GCash app. Previously you had to either have a physical card from GCash to be able to swipe as if a debit card through partner establishments that had GCash enabled or that a tedious process had to be done to be able to text the transfer towards another number and that the receiver had to confirm receipt of said GCash to be able to transact properly. This new method emulates much of what WeChat in China has already successfully done where any and all establishments, including public transport, has a QR Code that’s already on display and that all they had to do was just to scan the QR Code from their e-wallet and the confirmation is as instant as that of their internet connection.

The initial launch say Glorietta 4 plastered in anything and everything GCash Scan to Pay indicating which stores have adopted to the new method of payment and how to be able to do so. It’s not just the clothes and the shoes that have their stores enabled with GCash scan to pay, it is also available for food and other establishments that have the GCash Scan to Pay logos, posters, and streamers displayed on either the store windows or beside the cash register indicating that the store has the GCash Scan to Pay enabled.

Globe and GCash has made sure that the process is secure from end to GCash so your money is kept safe where it belongs. Have you tried GCash Scan to Pay at Glorietta yet?