Garmin Watch, a lifestyle watch

There are smart watches, lifestyle watches, and classic watches. Then there is Garmin.

Hardy, sleek, classy, tech-savvy, and most importantly, user-friendly, Garmin watches are loaded with advanced features to help you Beat Yesterday — keep track of your everyday whether you’re lifting weights, on your feet, pedaling on a trail, or sliding in the water!

“Garmin is a brand obsessed in the relentless pursuit of challenging our own perceived limitations as to what we can do, where we can go, and what we can become.   This is how we became the most innovative premium, active-lifestyle smartwatch brand in the world.  We dedicate our expanded Garmin line that we are launching here to all Filipinos that believe in what we stand for – all of us are more capable than what we think, all of us can Beat Yesterday.” said Garmin Philippines (NAVCO Inc.) President, Ryan Tan.  Garmin’s expanded range are made for and around any kind of lifestyle whether for everyday or for wild adventures.

“We are excited to introduce our expanded Garmin line to the Philippine market.  Before, Garmins are primarily just used by hardcore runners, triathletes and hardcore adventurers.  In IronMan events almost 80% of athletes use Garmin.  Now Garmin has evolved into a premium lifestyle watch brand with products that look really gorgeous and classy like the Vivomove HR.  It’s an everyday watch that looks like a normal analog watch but with smart wellness features.”, Ryan shares.  The Vivomove HR is a stylish hybrid smartwatch with a discreet touchscreen.  Fashionably fit is just a tap away.  This stylish hybrid smartwatch features a crystal touchscreen with a discreet display.  Precision hands show the time and dynamically move away when you swipe through your messages, heart rate and more.  It counts your steps, and calories while monitoring wellness, including all-day stress tracking plus the relaxation-based breathing timer.

Together with the launch of the Vivomove HR, the leading brand in premium multisport watches brings Forerunner® 645 and the DescentTM Mk1.

With up to 500 songs right in your watch, we’re putting the “beat” in your daily mission to beat yesterday with the  Forerunner® 645 Music.  It includes smart notifications plus the ability to send prewritten responses to text messages, automatic uploads to the Garmin connect app and the ability for others to track your runs with the LiveTrack feature.  On top of its multisport features (cycling, yoga, rowing, pool swimming, elliptical cardio and more), it has Garmin’s Advanced Running Dynamics and performance monitoring tools that is housed in a 42.2g watch that lasts up to 7 days of continuous use.  Advanced Running Dynamics enables you to know your ground contact time, vertical oscillation, cadence, stride length, and more –  these  are more important data that are important to help you perform better and something that no smartphone or other smartwatches can do.

If you’re into exploring the deep blue, then the most sought-after Garmin DescentTM Mk1 is your choice of weapon! This sophisticated do-it-all dive computer is the first of its kind to pack surface GPS navigation with full-color onscreen mapping and location reference that makes marking dive entry and exit points so easy! On top of that, it features the Bühlmann ZHL-16c algorithm that alerts you when you’re beyond your dive limits.  All this and everything a Fenix 5X can do (modes for triathlon, swimming, biking, running, golf, and so much more), tanked in a 94-gram-100-meter-submersible tech!

“With Garmin, we believe that together, we can ‘beat yesterday’ — whether it’s beating your personal record, discovering a new sport, exploring new places, or walking that extra 1,000 steps for the day. That’s the main reason we are launching the Garmin PH Community – a Facebook-based community that brings together the shared passions of Garmin users and fans all over the Philippines”, Ryan shares excitedly.

“Garmin will always support its community of athletes, fitness patrons, and those who just want to keep themselves looking and feeling good!”, Ryan added. “We are also inviting everyone to be part of the Garmin PH Community.”  Ryan said.  The community page will enable its members to share information that will allow members to maximize and take the most advantage from their Garmin device; discover and learn about other sports and activities that they may be interested in; find out about the latest news from Garmin AND join exclusive raffles and giveaways.  The top contributors to the community will be given exclusive prizes.

“This is truly an exciting year for Garmin Philippines and its community! We’re happy to be sharing our obsession with you which is to always Beat Yesterday.” Ryan, concluded.  Now that Garmin has made its way to the Philippines with its 9 Garmin stores and over 100 dealers, it’s time for you to get ready, get set, and get going in your relentless pursuit of being at your best all the time.

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