Yume Nikki-a famous Japanese horror game created by Kikiyama in RPG maker. The game received critical acclaim that other surreal horror games like “Dreaming Mary” and “Dreaming Sarah” follows in its footsteps. A few years later, a remake of the game is released by Kadokawa Corporation and Active Gaming Media Inc. called YUMMENIKKI: DREAM DIARY; under the full supervision and cooperation of Kikiyama themselves. Let’s see if the remake of the horror classic remains faithful to the original, in our latest review.

The story of Yume Nikki is about a young girl who has been experiencing, bizarre dreams and nightmares. The game barely has any story, so it’s up to the player to interpret the lore as they play along the game, giving them many option to reach to the final conclusion.yume nikki 03The remake, DREAM DIARY has done many changes from the original. Platforming, mixed by isometric elements were used instead of the classic RPG Maker type of gameplay. There is also the upscale in graphics and sound design which makes the game feel vibrant and alive.

Just like the original game, players must solve puzzles by collecting the many items scattered around the dream world. Some puzzles can be finished in one go but there are times when the game requires the player to backtrack to past areas to collect items to access certain doors and worlds.

Strangely enough, the horror in Yume Nikki is surprisingly subtle. The game successfully enchants the player on its many dream worlds, drawing us in like a moth to a flame. Hitting us hard where we least expect it.

yume nikki 02

There is also a cute minigame for helping players calm their nerves called “Super Nasu”; which is a 16-bit version of the original. There are many easter eggs and concept arts to collect if they know where to look.

But unlike the original, the upscale in graphics is great and all but; YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- is missing the charm of the original. The game also suffers from game-breaking bugs like falling from nothing and a few control and camera issues.

Overall, YUMENIKKI: DREAM DIARY is a buggy yet charming game for those who are interested in a different type of horror.

Overall score: 3/5

Juan Paulo Pereña

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