Game review-Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

Ever had a game that intrigues our inner storyteller? The type of game that draws us in and makes us think? Well, that pretty much explains where the water tastes like wine is like. A narrative adventure game developed by Serenity Forge, Dim Bulb Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment.

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Cursed to become a living skeleton, the wanderer must pay his debts from a spirit by collecting and narrating the many true stories that spread throughout the country.

Players are thrust in at the middle of the map, where they can hitchhike, take a train or simply wander in reckless abandon. There are plenty of stories to collect in folklore rich America ranging from 4 really important categories, adventure, sadness, thrill and horror. These are very important as there are fellow wanderers that the player might encounter along the journey. Each of them having stories of their own and can only open up if the player tells the preferred tale that they requested. Those wanderers’ stories are the key in progressing the game as it opens up many paths to the goal.

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The music in Where the water tastes like wine is beautifully dynamic. We could listen to it for hours and never grew tired of it. The composer, Ryan Ike did an amazing job in the sound design of the game.

It’s not for everyone however, as there are times when the short stories go on repeat. There are even a few mechanics that was not properly explained unless they found guide online. These are just minor problems however as the journey really draws us in.

The voice acting feels natural, it almost feels like an interactive audio book. Narrating these short stories in a believable light.


Overall, Where The Water Tastes Like Wine is a wonderful journey that gamers can experience with it’s beautiful narrative and amazing music.

Overall Score: 4/5

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