Game Review: Sdorica-Sunset

In the world of mobile gaming where repeating the same formula of auto playing is slowly becoming the norm, there are a few rare gems that decide to walk off the beaten path and create something unique.

Rayark International Ltd., the company known for popular rhythm games like Voez and Cytus recently released a unique role playing experience for mobile called Sdorica- Sunset. Can Sdorica hold the candle to Rayark’s long line tradition of quality games? Let’s find out in our mobile gaming review.

The game takes place in the fantasy world of Sdorica, where many stories take place. The players take the role of watchers, legendary beings that control the book of bequethers chronicling the events of the world. Unfortunately, the watcher lost his/her memories and must recover them by remembering the stories that leads to a catastrophic chapter in the book. Only the player can prevent this chaos and save the land from total destruction.
The game has one of the most intriguing storylines for a free mobile game. There are many twists and turns, comedic and dramatic moments from different characters are very interesting to experience.

The game’s art style is charming and cute but the animation flows smoothly with each attack. There are 32 characters in the current update. Each has three types that follow a certain role in Sdorica. These are yellow (the front line), black (the offence), and white (the support). Each character type uses multiple combination attacks and chains to create a different flow in combat.

Speaking of combat, the battle system uses a four block puzzle mechanic that is limited to 1x, 2x and 4x combos. It matches the tiles that trigger a powerful move depending on the character the player uses. The best thing about Sdorica is that there is no autoplay, making every playtime feel engaging.

Since the game is current open beta, expect to run into a few bugs like a very sensitive touch screen, where dragging can also mean tapping and a few unresponsive menus (requires multiple taps to open).
Despite the few bugs, Sdorica-Sunset is shaping up into a solid puzzle RPG for gamers of all skill levels.

Overall Score: 4.5/5

Juan Paulo Pereña

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