Game review: Pizza Titan Ultra

90s aesthetics are a very common theme in indie games. The colors, the music, everything about it gives us a sense of nostalgia that tickles our senses. So it’s no secret that indie studio, Breakfall created a fun arcade game that blends well with the theme and called it, Pizza Titan Ultra.

The game takes place in 2096, 5 years after the fall of Cheezborg’s tyrannical reign. In its place Ultra Pizza became the most popular restaurant in Galactic City. Honoring their motto of 15 minutes guaranteed on delivery. Players take the role of a recruit, as they pilot the mobile restaurant and deliver pizzas before the time runs out.

The goal in Pizza Titan Ultra is simple, run to random objectives before the time runs out, dodge or kill enemies in their path, and AVOID destroying any buildings. A formula similar to the style of arcade classics like Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio. The aesthetics look a bit simple but its gameplay is strangely addicting. Racing against the clock feels fresh because the hazards are completely random.

Other than the usual race against the clock, Pizza Titan Ultra has a simple yet objective based story mode. These chapters are filled with quirky characters and difficult challenges depending on the level. Ranging from destroying the suburbs to winning a race (similar to Mario Kart.) Rewarding players with money used to unlock more stages or customize their mech.

Speaking of customization, Pizza Titan Ultra has many interchangeable limbs and color combinations to choose from.

The music can get a bit repetitive but this is just a minor problem. We did notice 2 problems with the game as the screen can get a bit too busy in some difficult stages; and Some chapters use the same layout repeatedly, no matter how different the objectives are in a level.

Overall, pizza Titan Ultra is a great callback to 90s mecha culture, combined with the fast-paced gameplay of arcades past.

Overall score: 3/5

Juan Paulo Pereña

Writer and game reviewer. Likes movies, a bit of comedy and a good show to binge on. A fan of video games and video game culture in general.