Game review-Pit People

The mad geniuses behind games like “Castle Crashers” and “Battle Block Theater” comes a brand new strategy game called Pit People. Created by The Behemoth, Pit People is a crazy and zany strategy game that “pits” people into grid based combat. There is a lot to talk about in this game, so join us as we review this insanity.


Pit people takes place in a twisted world where a corpse of a giant space bear crash landed into earth; creating a disaster of massive proportions. Within the chaos, a blueberry farmer, a princess and a cyclops must get stronger and recruit people to fight for their own personal agenda.

The story is zany and nuts, it almost feels like gladiator but with bear blood, blueberries and cupcakes. Although it makes sense since the game is made by former Newgrounds devs. Shoutouts to Will Stamper for his hilarious narration of the game.

Of course let us not forget about the main focus of Pit People and that is its gameplay. The goal is to eliminate all enemies in the screen and the player must position his army in a grid next to their enemy. There is no attack or skill button to use as the A.I. mostly attack nearest to their grid. This encourages the player to think tactically as opposed to mindless beatings. There is also local co-op if a friend decides to join the fun.


There are plenty of game modes and activities to do as the story mode alone has over 100+ quests and 1,500 unlocks. Players looking for a challenge can test their skills in online matches at the colosseum; or if the game is not challenging enough, they can turn on “permadeath mode” where characters can’t be brought back and their save file deleted if they ran out of characters.

Overall, The Behemoth does it again as they bring another addicting classic for gamers everywhere. A treat for strategy fans everywhere.

Overall Score: 5/5

Juan Paulo Pereña

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