Game review- Past Cure

Phantom 8 studios created an ambitious psychological thriller called Past Cure. The game was so ambitious in fact that it followed the trend of cinematic games; similar to Alan Wake and Quantum Break. But can this larger than life thriller be enough to draw us to this indie project? Let’s see.

Past Cure is about the story of Ian, a former elite soldier that suffered many years of torture; struggling with memory loss and the side effects of the experiments, the results gave Ian the unstable powers of the mind. Driven by his desperate need to uncover the truth and a thirst for revenge; Ian, with the aid of his brother must tap his powers to uncover the truth in the conspiracy.


The story of Past Cure is interesting … to some degree. There are times when a dramatic scene feels flat and out of place because the wooden acting kills any suspense in the scene. They try to cram action, horror, stealth and a few quick-time events to make the game interesting but it just resulted in a giant mess.

The game’s level design looks boring and uninspired. It feels like walking in the same corridor, over and over again but with different backdrops. It doesn’t help that the enemy A.I. is dumb as bricks or the checkpoints are incredibly unfair. To make matters worse, that’s just the 45-minute tutorial.

Ian has access to 2 psychic powers, time manipulation and astral projection, both can be used in combat and stealth.


The PC version has terrible controller support, it’s poorly mapped and the game has no means of showing the proper key bindings (it’s stuck on the keyboard commands). There are a few bugs in Past Cure that can be a minor annoyance like shaky cam and slow subtitles. (Though we have heard worse bugs.)

Overall, Past Cure is an ambitious project that flew too close to the sun. Not even the game’s great mocap or interesting story can save it from itself.

Overall Score: 2/5

Juan Paulo Pereña

Writer and game reviewer. Likes movies, a bit of comedy and a good show to binge on. A fan of video games and video game culture in general.