Game Review: Dumb Ways To Die 3: World Tour

WARNING: The article (and game described) below is for ages 14 and above for reasons of mild cartoon violence, blood and gore, and use of harmful substances. Reader discretion is advised.

A few years ago, Metro created a train safety YouTube video called “Dumb Ways to Die”, where adorable cartoon characters sing a catchy song about what not to do in a given situation. The video became an instant success with 161 million views and counting. The video bcame so popular that it gained merchandise and a mobile mini game with the same name.

Dumb Ways to Die pic2

Now on its third installment, as Dumb Ways to Die goes global in a world tour, will this game experience a pleasant trip or fall into disaster? Let’s find out.


For starters, the game’s animation still looks great. The cutesy characters are back and they added a few 3D elements on the visuals. Sadly, some of these animations do not hold up and there are a few animation skips that mess up with the gameplay.


The third sequel completely changed the game mechanics, adding more town buildings and an energy meter to the mini games. It feels like they added a lot of unnecessary features to the once-simple game. Speaking of mini games, Dumb Ways to Die 3 now limits itself with four mini-games that is locked within a progress wall. What makes this worse is these mini games feels like a chore to play. The game’s unresponsive controls, few frame drops and some instances with forced to watch ads discourages players from continuing  to play.

They also added loot boxes, where players can unlock accessories or characters depending on their luck.

Overall, Dumb Ways to Die 3 World Tour is a very disappointing sequel to the once-fun mobile game of its predecessors. This is one of those moments where adding something to a once perfect game completely ruins it.

    Overall Score: 2.5/5


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