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A small studio called Among Giants created an interesting game called Distortions. A music-narrative game with very interesting design choices, this game really piqued this writer’s interests because there is barely any game of this genre; let alone a project that looks this good for a team so small. Let’s dive in as we review the fever dream that is Distortions.

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Distortions is about a girl who wakes up in surreal dream world; where the sun never sets and a strange giant overlooks the surroundings. She has no memory of who she was other than the fact that she knows how to play the violin. With the help of a strange masked man; she slowly recovers her missing identity while deciding on what to leave behind to move on with her life. Most of the girl’s story can be found in the notes scattered around dream.

The world of Distortions is very colorful, like a vibrant, abstract painting that comes to life. Sadly, it could go both ways as there are times when the bright colors hurt the eyes in long play sessions.

Platforming is a bit wonky as there are times when walking near on a narrow path causes the girl to slip to her death. There is also the issue with the camera being a bit problematic as there are segments in the game where what seems to be a narrow jump turns out to be a huge gap.

Not everything is negative however as Distortions’ music breaths life to the game(literally!) As the girl goes through her journey, she finds musical note pieces that grants powers ranging from quieting one’s footsteps to building bridges. There are even some sequences that requires the player to play their instrument to cut off the tension.

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For a platformer the game seems to take inspiration from 2d and 3d games. There are moments when a chase is bound to happen at any point either from the masked lurkers or giant itself.

Overall, Distortions is a but rough in the edges but the musical journey draws us in with its whimsical charm.

Overall Score: 3.5/5

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