Gambling Addiction: Why Is It Bad?

Gambling is fun as far as the gaming aspect is concerned. But it can take a very serious turn for the worst if this fun goes to the point of being addicted to it. To be addicted is considered “dangerous” and here are reasons why.

The main reason is the financial aspect. The name of the game is “easy money.” If one has a lucky streak, it can instantly make you (relatively) rich. This is what attracts people to gambling whether it is going to the casino or betting on basketball games with the neighborhood bookie. For these people, gambling is more than just a form or recreation, it is their ticket to making more money than what they make in their jobs. For the poor, it is the way out of poverty.

For these “some,” they are easily gripped by addiction. There is this overwhelming desire to depend on gambling as way to make more money. These are the ones who are throwing everything to chance and there is no guarantee of success. Another face of gambling addiction is similar to alcoholism. Addictive gamblers play high stakes to get an emotional high because of the huge payoff it may bring.

Gambling addiction is worse that you will stake your possessions which may lead to financial ruin and strain relationships. Source: Medical Daily

What makes it worse is when they lose and they still do not want to stop. They will go so far as to pawn their possessions, even borrow money in order to recoup their losses. The worst case scenario is they might even steal money to continue their addiction.

The Consequences?

If gambling addiction will go unchecked, it may lead to financial ruin not only to the individual concerned but also to his family who will be greatly affected. This may lead to a separation of breakup of families. It will create rifts among relatives and friends and the worst that can probably happen is this person may go to jail for committing a crime related to gambling addiction from getting into fights or committing robbery.

What Can Be Done?

Some may prescribe medication though there is no guarantee it will work or it may lead to another addiction. If the addiction is too much, counseling or rehabilitation is also advised much in the same way as alcohol and drug addiction.

But the best advice that be given is to either “quit while you are ahead” or do not gamble at all.

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