Galaxy Battles 1st day match Highlights


MANILA, Philippines – Matches are heating up as highly anticipated DoTA 2 tournament, Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds, kicked off last Friday, January 19th, 2018, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. The event saw two Upper Bracket matches and two Lower Bracket matches.

The Philippine Arena, where Galaxy Battles 2 took place


The event began with a projection mapping video introducing the teams. It was followed by host, entertainment and gaming personality, Eri Neeman, who greeted the crowd during the opening ceremony. What followed was an introduction to DOTA 2 analysts, Daniele Purdue, Neal ‘Tsunami’ Khandheria and Dominik ‘Lacoste’ Stipic.


The first match of the day saw local favorites, TNC Pro Team, go against Team Spirit, in a highly competitive contest that thoroughly excited the crowd. In the end, Team Spirit advanced to the semi-finals with a dominating score of 2:0.

“It feels great! We were super ready for TNC,” shares Team Spirit’s Alexander ‘DkPhobos’ Kucheria. “At least we didn’t play late today, so we have time to prepare and rest for tomorrow’s game.”


In the following contest, Evil Geniuses squared off against New Blood Championships First Runner Up, PG.Barracx. Evil Geniuses displayed their mastery of the game with skilled coordination; but the young upstarts held their own in the fight with plays of their own. Evil Geniuses advanced to the semi-finals by 2:0.

Later that afternoon, the Lower Bracket Matches kicked off with the TNC Pro Team taking on Infamous. After a series of hard fought rounds, TNC emerged victorious with a score of 1:0 thus making the South American team to be the first to be eliminated from the tournament.

The final contest of the evening saw PG.Barracx returning for one more battle against Pain Gaming. The match ended with Pain Gaming advancing to the second round on the following day, downing PG.Barracx, now also eliminated from the contest.

Despite the negative press in the weeks prior to the event, Galaxy Battles II: Emerging Worlds got off the ground with an incredible start with a strong and supportive audience!

According to host, Eri Neeman, “There was a lot of negative press leading to Galaxy Battles, and it was great to see Fallout Gaming’s positive attitude about it. This is a step back up and as long as Fallout Gaming keeps growing, we can expect a lot more DOTA events to come. Saturday and Sunday are going to be huge!”

Galaxy Battles II is going strong, with more matches and events coming up at Jan. 20-21!

Quick Results:

  • Team Spirit def. TNC Pro Team (2:0)
  • Evil Geniuses def. PG.Barracx (2:0)
  • TNC Pro Team def. Infamous (1:0)
  • Pain Gaming def. P.G Barracx (1:0)
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