Chinese vendors are hilariously selling anti FaceID masks

As an obvious marketing stunt to prevent anyone from unlocking your phone in your sleep, Chinese vendors have updated their online selling platforms as an answer to how you can unlock your iPhone X with facial recognition. The ads cleverly makes face masks as anti FaceID unlocking method by, quite literally, covering the entire face.

Chinese online selling platform, TaoBao, has started selling face masks with quite a variety of options, too, in colors and in varying styles of concealment from just the eyes all the way to some parts of the face open in case you are too paranoid.

In case you are wondering, FaceID doesn’t work while your eyes are shut close but if that won’t stop you from the probability of unlocking your phone while you sleep then the website can sell you your preferred method of hiding your face straight to the nearest postal office (in our case since we have to pay Php 100 for every parcel under 15 USD).

If black is not your color, the masks also come in other colors or with just covering your eyes in a more stylish way like this eye mask which is a little more posh than the previous options.

translated from Google Translate
translated from Google Translate

Of course these are just plays on marketing strategies focusing on SEO for Chinese web portals to climb the ranks but still a clever take on making their websites relevant.

We’re still on the lookout for the latest and next creative take on a poke at Apple and, mostly, iPhone jokes.

What do you think would be a funny jab at what the latest iPhones can create aside from the puns and the parody of different kinds of ads this can create?


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