Frugal living tips in the Metro

Many now see and realize the beauty of living a practical life. shares a few frugal living tips to help you started and make you appreciate living a minimalist lifestyle.

Frugal living tips in the Metro
Frugal living tips in the Metro

Eliminate disposables

Disposables surely make life a lot easier. But they can also be a great source of unnecessary spendings. One can live without them as again, they just provide comfort and not total dependency.

To save on grocery expense, one can limit usage of disposables if not totally eliminate them. Napkins and paper towels may be replaced with cloth towels. Instead of using tissue paper for every comfort room visit, one may opt for the more hygienic water and soap.

Follow coupon deals and blogs

There are a number of coupon companies that offer great deals like 75% off the total amount or even lower. From hair and beauty services to food, hotel accommodations and a lot more, coupon deals truly offer great savings. One can use them as special surprise treats to family, friends and even to oneself.

There are also discount coupons and great deals from different brands as advertised on their social media. Blogs also host a number of giveaways and the prizes are pretty useful and tasteful.

Learn new skills and hobbies

Engaging in hobbies help one learn new skills as well as save in the process. As one learns to bake bread, he saves from buying expensive pastries. More so, he may opt to remove or improve certain ingredient according to his liking and preference.

Other hobbies and money saving activities he may try are gardening, designing accessories, and painting.

Frugal living tips in the Metro
Frugal living tips in the Metro

Plan your meal

Planning generally saves one the energy, resources, and time. A weekly menu plan pretty much gives one an idea of what to serve his family for that week.

Having a list of what to cook will limit unnecessary buys and also cut the grocery or market time. One can be creative and do his listing on cute printable meal planning sheets.

Make use of kitchen ingredients

Most of the ingredients one uses in cooking may possibly be used as a recipe for homemade cleansers. Making one’s own cleaning supply will greatly minimize grocery expenses. In cleaning bathroom tiles, for instance, one may use baking soda and vinegar. Same with beauty products like scrubs, soap, and body butter. One may use used coffee beans as an alternate scrub. To treat dandruff, he may use the aloe vera he grows in his garden.

Reuse and repurpose

The good thing about living in this time and age of technology is we could easily check YouTube, read blogs, and subscribe to online magazines. These are our resources to being extra creative to reuse and repurpose old stuff. An old tattered shirt or pants may be repurposed into a tote bag. PVC pipes may be reused and converted into a nice table lamp.

Frugal living tips in the Metro

Frugal living is not something to be ashamed of. Neither is it something too difficult to do. It starts with a goal to save money and the environment. Aside from these tips, one can learn more frugal ways by checking magazine and reading articles about saving money.

Frugal living tips in the Metro
Frugal living tips in the Metro

Also, it takes discipline to say no to unnecessary wants. It helps too that one uses his creativity in making use of the resources he has. As they often say, creativity blooms when there is a necessity and if one lets it bloom.

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