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PSST.Ph wants you to watch thousands of movies, tv shows, tv series whenever and wherever you want that is why we are giving 5 of our dear readers FREE iflix unlimited access for one year. All you have to do is answer the question in no less than two sentences


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Roselle Cee Tee

A coca-cola dependent life-form who is torn between eating and getting fit. I used to play tennis and dance zumba but is now curious if I can run farther than 500 meters. I need wi-fi like PopEye needs spinach. Bucketlist: learn how to swim and ride a bike.

  • Chris Amo

    I love Iflix because it gives me that daily dose of fun and magic, sprinkle of love, splash of action, horror and suspense making me feel like I’m in my own universe.

  • Rene Gatdula

    I love iFlix because they have many kids show that is so helpful in homeschooling my kids, a wide selection of throwback series and I can watch them anytime, anywhere, I won’t spent waiting seven days to see what would happen next.
    I love iFlix because there is no waiting and wondering, watching iFlix is a guilty pleasure..everyone needs a little guilty pleasure in their lives.

  • Jieneb Kho

    It’s simple — I love iFlix because it’s tailored fit for me! Not only does it have the movie and tv series classics (hello, “FRIENDS”) but it also has the nostalgic anime shows I grew up with, and my dose of Filipino movies and KDrama shows (Descendants of the Sun)! No matter what type of show you’re looking for that day, it’s all there ❤️

  • I love because it provides me with all my movie and series needs! From local to international, they have what I really wanted to watch ever since. Win or lose, it’s that I choose! 💙

  • Alvin Joseph Chu Herrera

    It has a thousands of hours of tv shows/movie and also has the best of hollywood, asia and more, plus over 2,000 episodes of kids’ content.