Francis Libiran rocked Mega Fashion Week

We had the pleasure of witnessing the unveiling of Francis Libiran’s newest creations during the Mega Fashion Week. From what we know, Francis only had less than 2 months to come up with 40 pcs and for a designer, that is definitely a tall order but he delivered and he killed it.


The line was stunning, whimsical, powerful, and totally wearable. Each piece that came out was just one stunning outfit after the other.  In colors that ranged from fuschia pink to millenium pink, from whimsical blue to blue green, everything was just a sight for sore eyes.

The attention to detail was seen from back to front, in every thread sewn, colors chosen, clothing, and feel of the entire outfit. Everything was chosen with care and this is a signature of Francis Libiran when he creates an ensemble.




Some of the stars that walked for Francis Libiran were Max Collins, Kylie Versoza, Hideo, and of course Megan Young. Francis definitely impressed the crowd and showed that there is more to him than just creating stunning bridal gowns and debutante pieces.


From his site:

Francis Libiran’s love for fashion started at an early age. His early experiences in dealing with fashion took place alongside with his mother Rebecca whose own sense of personal style and elegance became a major influence for him. Enamored by his love for fashion and art, Francis Libiran has pursued his dream of becoming a soldier for the arts, bringing pride, honor, and glory to the Philippines.

Kathy Kenny


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